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Lewis Barbe has worked in the field of wellbeing designing for a long time, and is both a Board-ensured Safety Engineer and a Board-affirmed Safety Professional, titles he considers important.


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Lewis Barbe Occupational Safety and Health Services Inc.

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Lewis Barbe : Safety Engineer As the Director of Engineering for Occupational Safety and Health Services Inc. Lewis Barbe has given thorough consultations and assessments for commercial and government organizations. Founded in 1974 the firm has decades of in-depth experience with state-of-the-art methods that have been of great assistance to numerous entities.

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Through using conceptual design review the experienced professionals at Occupational Health and Safety Services provide post-disaster condition damage assessments. They use a systematic approach and use modern technology to assess damage and provide thorough insurance inspections. These inspections are conducted using non-invasive technologies such as infrared and ultrasonic testing. These components are used to compile thorough reports with the data needed to influence insurance claims and verdicts. Lewis Barbe has been called in as a field expert for court cases that involve safety engineering concerns. With over twenty years of experience in the field working with leading organizations such as Westinghouse Electric Transportation Stanay Corporation and more. He has been pivotal in numerous court cases that involve on-site accidents through providing expert opinion that influences the outcome.

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To Know More About Lewis C Barbe Visit : Lewis C Barbe WordPress Lewis C Barbe Weebly Lewis C Barbe Crunchbase Lewis C Barbe Blogger Lewis C Barbe Vimeo

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