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3D laser scanning technology enables us to observe infinitesimal details of measurable data of large entities like automobiles, factories, building, cities, etc. to create their precise 3D documentation. Read on to learn more.


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3D Laser Scanning Services FARO® Focus3D® and FaroArm® 3D Laser Scanning Services ESI brings accurate 3D documentation and preservation of client’s projects. Using the latest in 3D laser scanning technology our 3D scanners capture millions of points of measurable data documenting every detail. Our highly-trained and skilled operators can scan everything from the smallest components to scenes as large as factories or multiple city blocks all with millimeter accuracy.

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Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning  High speed highly accurate data collection  Reduces field measuring and data collection times  No physical contact with any objects in the scene  Helps eliminate return site visits and measurement errors  Safe unobtrusive data capture  Document hard-to-reach places where no other technology can  Conversion of data to 2D plan 3D model simple fly-thrus or full animations  Reverse engineer components  Deviation mapping of partsa Small Component Scanning

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3D Laser Scanning Services FARO Focus 3D Laser Scanning 3D laser scanning allows for safe unobtrusive highly-accurate data collection to create a more complete as-built record of all types of structures facilities transportation and scenes. 3D laser scanning provides clients with a complete real-world data capture of existing conditions resulting in a more accurate intelligent deliverable. A 3D laser scan point cloud data can be converted to 2D plans and 3D models to be easily manipulated in engineering analysis applications. Renderings and 3D visualizations can be created to assist with presentations and courtroom depositions to help convey information to clients or jury.

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Railroad and Transit

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FaroArm 3D Laser Scanning Using the FaroArm ESI professionals can accurately scan surface measurements of a variety of materials use the scans to rapidly perform CAD-based or scan-to-scan inspection dimensional analysis and reverse engineer the scanned component with up to +/- .0016" accuracy. The FaroArm provides clients with an accurate data capture of exemplar and subject components. When destructive testing is required a 3D laser scan can allow clients to preserve a 3D view of the subject parts while still intact. 3D laser scanning is completely non-contact so it will never alter a subject component. Reverse Engineering

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Deviation Mapping

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