Welcome To My Crib!

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Welcome To My Crib! : 

Welcome To My Crib! Dining Room Living Room Bedroom Kitchen Master Bedroom Bathroom

Let’s have a walk through the rooms. : 

Let’s have a walk through the rooms. In the living room there are 3 couches all around a coffee table, and a tv in front of the couches, so everybody can watch movies. The dining room, or as i like to call it: the-two-time-a-year-use-room, is there because my mom wanted one, it has a big beautiful table with a crystal made top and has 8 tables, but still we only use it for christmas and new year’s eve.

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The kitchen, i usually assault it at midnight =), it has a big refrigerator, with a lot of food in it, there’s a stove, a microwave oven, a dish washer and a table on the left side with chairs, that my family and i use to eat only on sundays. My bedroom, my territory, my wonderland, my space, it really is as messy as the picture, but i’m cleaning it more often now, it has a computer next to the T.V, a Playstation 3, a bed right in front of the TV, a chair and all kinds of unknown species of animals crawling under the bed and closet.

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The bathroom, we got 4 of these, but is the same pattern, a toilet between the sink and the shower, a mirror above the sink. The shower in my bathroom shoots the water up to the roof, so is a process to get a good bathXD The master bedroom is where my pops sleep, they have a freaking huge plasma TV, an air conditioner that can turn your snot into ice, a comfortable bed and a big vestier for my mom.

My top favorite room : 

My top favorite room Of course is my bedroom, in my bedroom i can isolate me from the world when i need to, i hear the music i like and is where my computer and my PS3 are, it’s a big bedroom so a have a lot space to jump around like a madman, yay for me! D:<! I have a little library in my bedroom with a lot of books i already read, so, i need new ones... That’s my room, the place where i like to sleep, nothing like my home and my own bed. AND THAT’S THE BOTTOM LINE BECAUSE I SAID SO D:<!

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