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Fusing Tecnology : 

Fusing Tecnology

Base cloth (substrates) : 

Base cloth (substrates) The interlining material onto which the thermoplastic resin is coated, printed or sprayed It influences Handle and bulk Shape retention Shrinkage control Crease recovery Appearance in wear Durability Woven Interlining Knitted Interlining Non woven interlining

Non woven interlining : 

Non woven interlining Fibres -Viscose, Nylon, Polyester, Acrylic Web formation-dry and wet web formation, spun bonding Bonding-mechanical(needle punching, Pressurised water jet) -chemical-nitrile rubber, acrylic, styrene butadiene

Resin : 

Resin Polethylene Ethylene-low and medium density,wash and wear ,drycleanable Polyamides- higher melting range-dry cleanableand washable till 60ºC Lower melting range-Dry clean only PVC-Siliconised rainwear Polyester-fusing temp-120-65ºC,washable,drycleanable Resin blends

Coating system : 

Coating system Process of depositing thermoplastic resin on substrate. Resin powder is seivedand designated by microns(one millionth of meter) Coating methods- Paste coating(up to 80 μm) Dry dot printing (80-200 μm) Scatter coating(150-350μm)

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