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Digital Storytelling

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Name: Leeya K. Class: 7 th 6# grade Date: December 10 th

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Name of the book: Claws John Landon

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Setting: Where is the story:the story take place in London, Khaild, Mantra pass, Mount Kanchen. When:the story happened on September

About the main character:

About the main character Larry is Adventurer, he not afraid from anything 2 Examples: “and you have climbed mountains” -Larry Was climbing mountains “The front of professor Lugner’s Body was coverd in blood” -Larry Didn’t afraid from the body

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Problem: The problem in the story was that they didn’t know who made the claw marks

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Resolution: In the end of the book the Toruk was Real end Larry became famous because he discovered the Toruk

Agree with the main character or not ?:

Agree with the main character or not ? I agree with the main character because he Kept going in his adventure to find the toruk and he didn’t give up to find the toruk .

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The End

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