Acoustic Treatment Introduction

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The unfortunate reality is that while acoustic treatment is the most important factor to a crystal clear, high quality recording session, it is the most overlooked and misunderstood piece of studio equipment there is. Learn more about it here at this slide and take a deeper dive into the topic at when you're ready to take your music and listening experience to the next level.


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Acoustic Treatment Introduction:

Acoustic Treatment Introduction Brought to you by

What Is Acoustic Treatment?:

What Is Acoustic Treatment? • It is a rigid and dense fiberglass insulation (or foam) • It is built into generally standardized shapes and sizes • It is flame-retardant and safe for home or professional use • It is covered in fabric to keep insulation particulates in

How Does It Work?:

How Does It Work? Aborption Sucks the energy out of sound waves so they can ’ t bounce all around the room. Diffusion Breaks sound waves up and scatters them across the frequency spectrum

What Types Exist? :

What Types Exist? Acoustic Treatment comes in three main types: • Broadband Absorbers • Bass Traps • Diffusors





How To Set Up Room?:

How To Set Up Room?

How to Set UP Mixing Position:

How to Set UP Mixing Position

Acoustic Results:

Acoustic Results

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