Advance LED Technology in Automotive Lighting

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Modern automotive lighting is a global mega-trend. Increasing technical advances in lighting inspire motorists and automotive industry to seek out the latest innovations. Enhanced performance, improved security, and a memorable design are the focal points of automotive lighting trends and research. At LED Outfitters( you can shop all latest designs of any Kind of LED Lightbar at really affordable Price Packages.


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Advance LED Technology in Automotive Lighting With the introduction of high-power LEDs there has been considerable innovation in the automotive lighting industry. Automotive lighting both exterior and interior has seen sweeping changes over the few years. The flexibility of the technology in automotives has created and opened many doors to many new design possibilities enabling functional and aesthetic improvements in a number of different and new innovative ways. LED Light Strips With the first generation of LEDs the lamp light sources were replaced but similar optics was still used. LEDs had the advantage of being much brighter and smaller than the traditional lamps and the optics therefore became smaller as the luminance of the LEDs increased. LEDs are now widely used in both standard and luxury automobiles and more recent improvements to LED technology means that the devices are beginning to enable new form factors for lighting. New matrix LED headlight configurations in tandem with sensing technologies have seen the introduction of systems which manage the direction of the beam to avoid blinding oncoming drivers.

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Off Road LED Lightbars Meanwhile the redesign of the exterior lighting setup has enabled engineers to create new styles and shapes to add distinctive brand character to their vehicles. As for the interior the ability to introduce lighting into panels and fabrics within the car has led to a boom in ambient and functional lighting. This creates a brand-specific feel to vehicles but can also assist with safety functions by directing the driver ’s attention to certain areas. Some of the recent major advances in LED technology 1 Reduction in the source size 2 Improvements to the luminance and tolerance the capacity for precise alignment of the optics components with regard to the light source. 3 These improvements allow new functionalities such as the advanced dynamic beam ADB system. In this system a light segment can be dynamically switched off to replicate a low-beam. 4 LEDs can act as daytime running lights that facilitate vehicle visibility during the day. 5 By increasing the power levels and by turning on additional LEDs it is possible to provide low-and high-beam light from the same module. Manufacturers have successfully adopted LED technology for rear lights brake lights indicators and daytime running lights as costs have fallen and advances have provided more flexibility.

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FAMOUS ADVANCE LED LIGHBARS FOR AUTOMOTIVE LED LIGHTBARS Automotive market offers a wide array of high quality LED LIGHTBARS. LED light bars range from full size to mini in length. Top of the line light bars utilizes a module-based format so that the light shines bright and long distance. With these light bars you ’ll be sure to produce highly dispersed light so you don ’t miss any angles. With TIR and Linear optics options light will increase visibility for you and for others. LED Light bars are easy to install and come with multiple colors and flash patterns. Here are some of the Famous Light bars Models 1 37" SABER TIR LIGHT BAR 2.0 SALIENT FEATURES  A 360-degree lighting output with an aerodynamic low-profile design.  The sleek design of this 37" Saber TIR Light bar 2.0 improves your vehicle ’s fuel Efficiency.  This light bar comes with a 10-foot wire harness and universal mounting brackets for easy installation.  Powered by 12 V  SAE rated  Dimensions: Length: 37 ” x Width: 11.5 ’ x Height: 1.8 ” 37" SABER TIR LIGHT BAR 2.0

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1 37 ” SABER REX LINEAR LIGHTBAR 2.0 The Saber Series lines of light bars changing the emergency lighting industry forever.Some of the best features are like SALIENT FEATURES  Generation 3 LEDs 72 total and LINEAR Optics make this light bar more Brilliant than past models.  The Saber 2.0 is programmed with 15 user-selectable flash patterns 14 primary Warning modules and safety features that get the job done.  This light bar comes with a 10-foot wire harness and universal mounting brackets.  Shows off over 15 selectable flash patterns and self-contained internal flasher and standard 360-degree lighting  Powered by 12 V  SAE rated  Dimensions: Length: 37 ” x Width: 11.5 ’ x Height: 1.8 TOW TRUCK LIGHT BARS When you ’re heading out to pick up a vehicle you ’re never sure what the traffic situation will be. If you have to do the job at night this could be more of concern especially on the side of a busy highway. Knowing that you have powerful and dependable LED light bars will give you some peace of mind for the job ahead. Tow truck light bars are popular nowadays. Most Popular Tow Truck Light Bars 60" SABER TIR TOW TRUCK/WRECKER LIGHT BAR

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60" SABER TIR TOW TRUCK/WRECKER LIGHT BAR The 60" Saber Tir Tow Truck/Wrecker Light Bar With Work Lights Package is Perfect for those who need high output lights with simple yet powerful functions. SALIENT FEATURES  This sleek aerodynamic and fuel-efficient light is a 360-degree lighting system with remarkably low amperage draw.  The Saber comes standard with a 10-foot cord and mounting hardware.  Multiple selectable flash patterns and self-contained internal flasher and standard 360-degree lighting.  SAE rated  Voltage: 12VDC  Dimensions: Length: 60 ” x Width: 11.8 ” x Height: 1.8 ” OFF ROAD LIGHBARS Off road light bars are often used on trucks jeeps four-wheelers and many other recreational vehicles. Do you have a truck ATV or other vehicles that need lighting Automotive Market offers a variety of different sizes and features to help you get exactly what you need. Some most popular off road LED Lightbars 1 27 WATT LED WORK LIGHTS 4" ROUND

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For off-road work where good and reliable light is crucial to getting the job done this round 27 Watt LED Work Light is a perfect choice. 27 WATT LED WORK LIGHTS 4" ROUND SALIENT FEATURES  Featuring 9 3-W super white LED ’s in every unit this flood light boasts an incredible 2000 lumen output.  This top-shelf LED technology can provide up to 120000 of life yet has an ultra low current draw which means that this light is especially sustainable.  This light produces almost no heat making it safe to use in confined workspaces.  Suits 12V or 24V vehicles  IP67 rated  Multi-Voltage: 10-30V  Beam Pattern: Flood  Lifetime: 30000 Hrs  Working Temp: -45 85 ℃  Dimensions: Diameter: 115mm Depth: 37mm

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2 9" SUPER LED SPOT AND FLOOD COMBO OFF ROAD WORK LIGHT Performance durability and function -- this 9 ” LED light bar has it all. Featuring a spot and flood light combination you ’ll find yourself using this light every time you go off-road. It ’s the perfect work light since you can choose either the focused spotlight or the wide flood light for your needs. 9" SUPER LED SPOT AND FLOOD COMBO OFF ROAD WORK LIGHT 3 DAMEGA SET OF 18W FLUSH MOUNT WORK LIGHTS Take advantage of this great value to outfit your offroad vehicle with a new set of powerful LED lights. DaMeGa has designed these LED light bars to be flush mounted to any vehicle. You can add these lightbars to your offroad truck or utility vehicle and seamlessly integrate high-tech lighting into the look of your ride.

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DAMEGA SET OF 18W FLUSH MOUNT WORK LIGHTS Do you need a dash light for your vehicle LED Outfitters here for you to avail you wide variety of LED Lightbars. About LED Outfitters LED Outfitters has been selling Emergency Vehicle Equipment. By working with cutting edge manufacturers from around the world LED Outfitters are able to provide products that meet and exceed current market standards. . With our low low prices Friendly Sales Team and fast shipping we are quickly becoming the primary source for Emergency Vehicle Lighting. Fast dependable service is more than a goal it is a standard.

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