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Led Pole Light is the new way to light your pole light using LED technology. These shoebox lights are a unique solution to illuminate our outdoors and keep them safe at all hours. For More Info :


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Slide2: 5 Year Warranty 5 Year Warranty On most of Products. 30 Days Return Policy 30 Days return policy on all our products. Now, what is LED Pole Light? is the new way to light your pole light using LED technology. These shoebox lights are a unique solution to illuminate our outdoors and keep them safe at all hours. LED Pole Light


How does an LED makes the Pole Light successful. A Pole is normally round or square. These are studded on the ground to light up the space for a 360- Degree area covering greater area for the illumination. The LED Pole lights are so superb and impactful impressive when they solve our problems. The dullness or the lack of intense light for taking a road or moving on the streets, it becomes lonely. But, LED in Pole lights is the new flavor that drops the excitement and triggers energy in your boredom lives.   FOR YOUR OUT DOOR’s AREA COVERING


What are the T ypes of Pole lights available in the market LEDs are varied in numbers and provide a suitable satisfaction when utilized completely.  There are about four pole lights designed on the basis of mounting options to fulfill our necessities. Yard Light: The Outdoor LED Pole light uses the premium LED Chips with minimalist design which renders the light of CRI>70. LED Pole light runs from dusk to dawn via photocell sensor. Slip Fitter Mount: Direct Mount: This mounting option is applicable to a place where the LED light panel goes to the pole and fits directly into it . This means that the light is rendered at a single angle. Yoke Mount: One of the best suited for retrofit or a new construction application. The installation is simple where the LED Pole light goes to the wall at an adjustable angle. It ranges from 0 to 180 degrees with the help of a mounting plate. Universal Mount: It is also known as all-in-one which means that all the applications of the LED Pole light can be practiced by a single mount i.e., Universal mount. In any pole at any angle, universal mount is everywhere. 


What are the areas of Application available for LED Pole light? The LED Pole light has redefined the space by the new technology which has changed the course of thinking minds.  The Pole light is used in a great variety of places. Some major areas of application of LED Pole light are:  Streets: Adding Light to dark places for better visibility and sense of safety Parking lots: Park your car in the bright light at any angle by using LED Pole lights Building entrance: More Lumens impresses the tower with a fiction of welcoming. Pole light with LED helps to run light without paying more utility bills.   Gardens: First it doesn’t emit harmful gases, Greens breath healthy every day. The people who want to spend time and enjoy the nature, it welcomes you with more lumens every day . LED POLE LIGHTS “STREET’s”


Hotel walkways: Outdoor safety is the most essential thing, minimizing the occurrence of fatalities is the priority in a healthy style. Eliminating the use of MH & UIH: Breath healthy without any harmful emission which replaces harmful mercury and other elements. Rugged use: Highly effective in the construction areas where the water and dust becomes the hurdle. Shoebox light guides you at a suitable angle with a wider area of bright light.  For drivers and pedestrians: Shoebox light is an efficient navigator to the people who drive late night or the old ones who may willing to take a walk at night. Hesitation kills the desire to fulfill your dream but now to every age pole light guides with the help of the LED technology for a longer and sustainable development. LED POLE LIGHTS “HOTEL WALKWAYS”


Benefits of using LED Pole Light Outdoor Pole light is one of the finest products for the usability of the consumers.


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