150W LED UFO High Bay Lights Ideal For Factory Lighting


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150W LED UFO High Bay is one such lighting fixture that’s considered ideal for warehouses, gymnasiums or factory workstations. For More Info: https://www.ledmyplace.com/products/high-bay-led-150w-4000k


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Why 150W LED UFO High Bay Is Ideal For Factory Workstations? www.ledmyplace.com


Introduction With wide variety of designs available in high bays, 150W LED UFO H igh B ay is one such lighting fixture that’s considered ideal for warehouses, gymnasiums or factory workstations. This is because an LED UFO high bay can illuminate a space appropriately by emitting light from over the head and from ceiling heights in the range of 20ft and above. Further, UFO high bay can illuminate any space with a beam angle of 120 degree to enable general purpose lighting and light beam to be spread over wide-enough area. When comparing UFO high bay with any conventional warehouse or factory floor lighting fixture such as metal-halide, the high bays turn out to be better because of the uninterrupted lighting it can provide for long hours of use. Let’s look at the advantages of 150W LED UFO high bay in order to understand the difference between this and conventional high bays. 150 UFO High Bay: The Advantages It Can Provide Cost-Effective One of the most wanted features that you come to find in any UFO high bay is ability to bring down your power consumption down to 25% from the original. Try replacing any 400W metal-halide with 150W UFO high bay and you will observe the difference in energy-savings. So, even if you find UFO high bay little more expensive than metal-halide high bay, it’s worth having it because you can quickly recover the initial investment within the first year or so. UFO high bay also requires less maintenance because there is no lumen depreciation until the end of lifespan and so minimal maintenance costs. www.ledmyplace.com


Extremely Powerful Lighting The UFO high bay first of all provides for directional lighting and so doesn’t need any reflectors unlike metal-halide high bays that throw light omnidirectionally. Secondly, the lighting is glare-free making the workstation conducive to productive environment. Third, 150W UFO high bay emits 20098 lumens in comparison to 400W metal-halide that emits 36,000 lumens -- this means the lumen efficacy of UFO high bay is much higher than metal-halide high bay because for emitting nearly the same amount of light, a metal-halide consumes 2-3 times more the power consumed by UFO high bay. Excellent Heat Dissipation And Resistance To Corrosion The flying saucer like design and aluminium housing allows for maximum heat dissipation -- a feature not found in any metal-halide high bay. To enable heat dissipation and protection from rust and corrosion, the fixture is powder-coated in white or black both from inside and outside. The aluminium housing generally consists of a thermal venting chamber to enable more effective heat dissipation. www.ledmyplace.com


Conclusion Other than the benefits as mentioned above, a 150W UFO high bay also provides for dimming of light from 0-10V and hence you can have additional savings in energy. Further, there is no waste of light in the form of heat. In a nutshell, you can conveniently and safely rely on UFO high bay. www.ledmyplace.com The metal-halide high bays can’t provide for hassle-free lighting and one of the most prominent reasons is -- it warms up too soon and so needs to cool down to be in operation for furthr use. You need a waiting time of approximately 15-30 minutes if it’s a metal-halide high bay whereas UFO high bay can turn On instantly.


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