How 150w led UFO High Bay Light is beneficial for your business


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You can use a 150W LED UFO High Bay light that will give you more brightness of 5700K making the indoor place more perfect to work. For More Info:


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slide 2: Make Sure That Workers are Working in a Safer Environment by using 150W LED UFO High Bay Light N o matter how effective and effcient your employees are still you are supposed to offer them best working environment so that they can retain their effciency and can work to achieve your organizational goals in a more productive way. Along with the attractive perks and incentives you need to create an ambient environment so that the workers and employees feel delighted and special and for creating that ambient surroundings the lighting also play a signifcant role in making the work surroundings favorable. Whenever it comes to selecting the best lights for the commercial units including warehouses or factories you can always trust UFO LED high bay lights that are considered as the perfect option for the bigger places especially those where the height of the ceiling is more. Among various LED high lights you can use a 150W LED UFO High Bay light that will give you more brightness of 5700K making the indoor place more perfect to work.

slide 3: Benefts of Choosing a 150W LED UFO High Bay Light Against Many Other Lights are as Follows More profts: This might sound strange but if you use the correct lights for your business then you can make great savings. For instance if you replace your existing or traditional 400W MH light with the 150W LED UFO High Bay light you can save more than 75 on the overall energy bills and for the commercial unit where more number of lights are required you can defnitely make more savings. A 150W LED UFO high bay light requires just 150 watts of power to emit 20098 lumens of brightness for more than 50000 hours. No maintenance cost: By making a change in the existing lighting system with the smart and innovative LED lights not only you can make great savings but can also reduce the burden of paying those heavy maintenance and replacement cost. Also if you use the inferior kind of lights they will stop functioning after some point of time and replacing those means you have to hold the production at your commercial place for some time which means loss of business as well. But if in case you are using 150W LED UFO High Bay UFO light you can use them for more number of years without paying any replacement or maintenance charges at all. Also 5 years warranty from the manufacturer will give you added advantage of using these lights.

slide 4: Dimmable option: Another cost saving feature of these lights is that these UFO high bay lights are dimmable lights which can be dimmed from 10 volts to 0 volts where in case 0V is the minimum light level and 10V is the maximum level of dimming option allowed by the dimmer. So by using this 150W LED UFO high bay light across the bigger commercial places you can make extra savings that you can use in managing the business in case there are is any downfall in your business. Wider Beam Angle: This 150W LED UFO high bay light has a beam angle of more than 120 degree that is the perfect angle that can illuminate the entire place. Also with this beam angle you can cover the wider areas and big spaces that can allow you to look at each and every corner of your place in a more visible way. In addition to the wider beam angle this 150W LED UFO high bay light comes with IP65 rating that protect them moisture and dust particles as well so start making great savings by installing these DLC certifed high bay lights allowing you to get eligible rebates from the electric companies. Apart from the above mentioned benefts there are many other advantages of purchasing and using these LED high bay lights for your business that you will get to know once you start using these lights. So take a step forward by shifting your focus towards these DLC approved 150W LED UFO high bay light lights and make great savings that will allow you to grow and expand your business manifolds.

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