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If you are looking for UFO Lighting for you're 25 ft high ceiling then please visit us. 150W LED UFO High bay Lights is perfect for it. For More Info: https://www.ledmyplace.com/products/high-bay-ufo-led-150w-4000k


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150W UFO LED HIGH BAY LIGHT www.ledmyplace.com

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www.ledmyplace.com Lighting world space with 150W UFO LED High Bay Light UFO lights are made with solid state workmanship and are similar in shape to the unidentifed flying object. UFO lights are quite famous for their looks and tremendous amounts of energy. This one type of light that’s exactly looking like a UFO is called UFO high bay. LEDmyplace sells high bay lights for they are used frequently in big storage store rooms warehouses godowns etc. These lights are known for their high beam down the floor from 25-40 feet height and one of them is the 150W UFO LED High Bay Light. LEDmyplace offers exclusive UFO based high bay lights specifcally built for longstanding factory use and commercial space. This is meant for high ceiling lighting. LED high bay lights are in demand because of their better looks and working than traditional lamps. A 150w LED High Bay can provide 21000 lumens i.e. 140lumens per watt. Known for its power conservation the 150w UFO high bay can replace conventional lights and bulbs and save both energy and money. This 150W LED UFO High Bay is the lights for the warehouse This light model is part of the commercial lighting list as it produces rich light compared to other lighting equipment. Since it resembles the shape of a UFO thus UFO Led. UFO Led High Bay Lighting gives rich light experience inside the commercial area with rich light high lumen output and a broad beam angle.

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This is the latest technology. LED works on photon energy and not flaments. The electric current when applied to the leads charges the electrons and the electron gets released and recombines with the electron holes inside the LED device to release energy in the form of photons which forms up the color of the light. A 150 watt light can easily replace a 4000W metal halide light and the lumen output making it the best option for lighting up space with ceiling heights 15ft.-25ft. This light has been certifed by IP65 rating to assure you of protection from water and dust. This product also gets an extensive lifetime working with 50000 hours of running. The product sold on LEDmyplace also gets a 5-year warranty but the company. Being DLC Premium approved this product speaks for energy effciency and also get you rebates incentives upon installation. UFO LED high bays emit less heat since the heat sink because it is protected by heat sink that absorbs any excess heat and protects the bulbs from damage. This way you get a fully operational faultless light for years. www.ledmyplace.com

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You can also dim the light with dimming feature to control brightness from 0V to 10V. It fts into your ceiling with hook mounting option with optional ceiling mount and ½” NPT Mount. The light is packed in a tough aluminum body that deters any mishandling inside. Shop from LEDmyplace You get exciting offers and discounts on buying from LEDmyplace which is extremely easy. Great many options to choose from with motion sensor options and accessories. The site also provides you with a 30-day try and test period on every product with a great warranty and high discounts on some UFO LED lights www.ledmyplace.com

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