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Introduction Those who are familiar with an LED Corn Bulb already perhaps need no introduction. But, those who aren’t, an LED Corn Bulb is a bulb with 180-200 LED diodes arranged like corn kernels on the cylindrical-shaped corn cob and which emits light with a beam angle of 360 degree. It is this 360 degree lighting that makes an LED Corn Bulb unique and special. These lights like any other LED light can save up to 75% of energy, when replaces any conventional light such as metal-halide, HPS or incandescent light bulb.   But, then there are several kinds of LED Corn B ulbs available in the market and not all are high quality Corn Bulbs . So, let’s study the factors which affect the quality of an LED Corn Bulb . The Quality of LED Chips It’s said that appearance is often deceptive and which stands so true in case of LED Corn Bulb . A Corn Bulb through its aesthetic and sophisticated looks may often deceive you but it’s your duty to confirm about the kind of LED chips used. For best results, purchase an LED Corn Bulb that uses LED Cob chips from Epistar since Epistar is the largest chip manufacturing company in the world and you can really trust them for what you get out of chips created by them . www.ledmyplace.com


The Thermal Management of LED Corn Bulb The next most important thing to chip is the thermal management. You must look for an LED Corn Bulb that can efficiently cool itself with the help of an aluminum heat sink. Since, LED Corn Bulb has a large surface area, the heat must be able to escape in the best possible manner, if the heatsink is of good quality. Never go for a Corn Bulb that uses fans for cooling of the light bulb fixture. Some manufacturers might delay a cheap tactic to use fans as a method of cooling which is not an appropriate method because there are chances of fan motor breaking down at any point in the total lifespan of the Corn Bulb . CRI of The LED Corn Bulb You will come across LED corn bulbs that have low CRI. Remember that LED corn bulb with high CRI will enable the objects look more real and closer to natural light.  So, if LED corn bulb has a CRI of >80, it means, it has more than standard color rendering ability and is 80% closer to natural light when seen on a CRI scale of 1-100. A corn bulb with high CRI allows your customers to view the products in a better way. And, that is why an LED corn bulb is popular among users who are engaged in the business of clothing or jewelry. www.ledmyplace.com


Conclusion Those were the topmost factors governing the quality of an LED corn bulb. There are other factors too such as product safety and which can be determined by looking at the UL rating of the bulb www.ledmyplace.com


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