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UFO LED High Bay lights are best product for warehouse lighting. You can order it from LEDMyplace. It’s a trusted online seller in USA. We offers free shipping in USA. Buy Today! For More Info: https://www.ledmyplace.com/collections/led-ufo-high-bay


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What is UFO LED high bay Light

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What is UFO LED high Bay Light a UFO LED high bay Light as the name suggests is a UFO-shaped light meant for lighting rooms with high ceilings. it is used for indoor lighting in rooms that have ceilings as high as 25ft. It produces uniform lighting in a large space and is an energy effcient replacement for traditional 400W Mh lights. Product Features  Wattage usage of 150W with wattage equivalent of 400W- these lights are used as a replacement for 400W Mh lights. these lights were not energy effcient and a lot of power was lost in the conversion process. However UFO led high bay lights use only 150W of energy with a higher lumen output.  5700K colour temperature- this colour temperature is ideal for industrial use since it is bright but not too harsh.  2100 lumen output- given its wattage this is a high lumen output which is benefcial for industrial spaces. The high lumen output with low power usage also means a low electricity bill.  AC200-480V voltage input- the low voltage input ensures that there isn’t a burden on the power grid.  90-degree beam angle- the wide beam angle is benefcial for producing uniform light covering a large area. It does not leave any blind or dark spots despite the high ceilings and wide area.  50000 hours lifespan- this light can be used for 50000 hours straight without any interruptions. This means that these lights once installed need not be replaced any time soon.  Colour rendering index of greater than 80- this allows the true colour of items to be visible in the light.  iP65 rating- this rating is proof of the fact the light is resistant to dust and moisture.

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Benefts  Resistant to dust and moisture  Wide beam angle  high lumen output  Low energy usage  Colour temperature of 5700K  Long lifespan  Low voltage input applications  Warehouses  Manufacturing facilities  auditoriums and conference rooms with high ceilings etc. Warranty The UFO LED high bay light comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of fve years and has a thirty day return policy.

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