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Buy Linear Led High Bay Lights Online in USA for parking garages, high-ceiling offices, large loft spaces. LEDMyplace offers best deal on 2FT and 4FT Linear Led High Bay Lights with fast shipping. If you try its product you can get 25% reduction on your light bill. Buy Today! For More info:


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The Linear LED High Bay will surprise you with how energy-saving it is. The Linear LED High Bay is a ceiling light meant for commercial spaces with extremely high ceilings. They can be used for lighting in rooms with ceilings as high as 25ft. They have a high lumen output which ensures that the light is bright enough to light up the room. It also has a wide beam angle to disperse the light across a large room without leaving dark spots. It is energy efficient and highly durable with zero variable maintenance costs. It also has a long lifespan. This means that the LED Linear High Bay is a smart investment for the long run.


What features make the light different from others? Economical- This light is extremely economical because it saves a lot of energy which reduces the electric bill. It also has negligible maintenance costs and a long lifespan. It is essentially a one-time investment. Energy saving- It uses only 165W of energy. It replaces a 400W MH light fixture, thus saving 180W of energy per unit. High lumen output- It has a lumen output of 21450 lumens which is great for brightening up large spaces. Moisture resistant- It has an IP65 certification and is moisture and dust resistant. Long lifespan- it has a lifespan of 50,000 hours.



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