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LEDMyPlace: LED Vanity Mirror - Defogger On/Off Touch Switch & CCT Changeable – Buy online in USA – With free Shipping - High CRI - Waterproofed and UL Approved Driver - 2 Years Warranty – Order Now! For More info:


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What is an LED vanity mirror

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What is an LED Vanity Mirror an LED v anity mirror is something that every makeup artist and aspiring makeup artist must have. if you are passionate about makeup then you must have a vanity mirror in your washroom. Experimenting with different looks and techniques is easy and fun when you have a mirror with a light frame. Product features  high quality reflection- this mirror has a high-quality reflection which is key for seeing the makeup look clearly in the mirror. there are no blind spots or unlit areas which means that you will see your face exactly as it is.  high colour rendering index- a high colour rendering index ensures that you see the colour of the makeup and the face exact- ly. With makeup one of the main things is matching the foundation to the skin tone. this is enabled by a high colour rendering index. it also allows you to see how well different colours go together.  Colour remembering technique- this led vanity mirror has a colour remembering technique. this means that the last colour used before switching off the lights will be saved. When you turn the lights back on the same colour will turn on.  Defogger- this mirror has an inbuilt defogger which ensures that the mirror does not fog up. if you install your mirror in the washroom then this is a key feature.  Waterproof- the mirror is also waterproof so that it does not get damaged while you take a batch or shower.  Long lifespan- this mirror has a long lifespan which makes this a sound investment.  Environmentally friendly- this led vanity mirror does not use any toxic chemicals such as lead or mercury. it is also energy effcient.  ETL certifcation- This mirror has an ETC certifcation that proves that it is safe for use.

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Benefts Eco-friendly Waterproof Colour accuracy high quality reflection inbuilt defogger applications washroom makeup room greenroom Warranty it comes with a two-year warranty and a thirty-day return policy.

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