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DLC Premium 150w LED UFO High Bay Lights Order Online in USA from LEDMyplace. Warehouse led light fixtures for Commercial Lighting - Life Hours: 50,000 Hours - IP 65 Water Proof – Free Shipping. Order Now! For More Info:


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150W LED UFO High Bay T he 150W LED UFO High Bay is an extremely high performance lighting fxture which is used in large spaces. Traditionally sued in spaces such as warehouses factories etc these lighting fxtures are extremely effcient and save a lot of energy. Available in the range from 100W to 240W they can replace any traditional fxtures ranging from 55W to 1000W. They also are dimmable which helps in adjusting the intensity of the lighting according to the re- quirement and also helps with lower consumption of power. The disk shaped lighting fxture does not need a reflector and still projects the lighting over a large area. Product Features ▶ Easy to install: The lighting fixture is extremely easy to install as one does not need to connect it with the ballast. All one has to do is remove the existing fixture and fit in the 150W LED UFO high Bay. It can either be suspended through the ceiling or mounted on it. ▶ No maintenance: Because of the fact that a 150W LED UFO high Bay has a long life of over 50000 hours there is no need for maintenance through- out thus reducing the operational cost.

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▶ High lumen output: The 150W LED UFO has a high lumen output which helps it in illuminating large spaces effectively without any traces of dark spots. ▶ Dimmable: It gives the option of dimming it be- tween 0V to 10V thus saving a lot of energy. ▶ Energy Saving: The 150W LED UFO High Bay can replace a conventional 400W lighting source ef- fectively saving 250W of energy. Benefits ▶ Wide beam angle. ▶ Easy Installation. ▶ IP 65 Rated. ▶ Weather Proof. ▶ Rugged construction. ▶ Long life expectancy. ▶ Rebate eligible.

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Applications ▶ Warehouses. ▶ Factories. ▶ Manufacturing plants. ▶ Commercial places. ▶ Retail spaces. Warranty and Return The 150W LED UFO high Bay comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty along with a 30 day return policy from the date of purchase.

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