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Order 150W LED UFO High Bay Lights Online in USA. Warehouse Lighting 20,098 Lumens. Asking Price: $89.99. IP65 - 5 Years Warranty. Beam Angle: 120 Degree. Buy Today! For More info: https://www.ledmyplace.com/collections/led-ufo-high-bay


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150W LED UFO HigH Bay LigH t www.ledmyplace.com

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UFO High Bay LED Lighting Witness Widespread Usage Led technology is fast changing with more and more innovations being introduced in the LED high bay lighting system. the UFO LED High Bay Lights have a dome-shaped skeleton and boasts LEDs that effciently lights up any space brightly. as of recently these 150w LED UFO High Bay lights have fnally been able to stabilise in the market and have received wide acclaim that they deserve. the 150w LED UFO High Bay Lights are the Wise Choice Lthe LED High Bay lights are perfect lighting solution for large spaces that need to be lighted from one corner to the other in a very cost-effective way with optimum eff- ciency. Whether it be workshops warehouses indoor stadiums or any other location if it needs to be lighted and breathed life in then the 150w LED UFO High Bay lighting is sure to be the best option. there are Several Reasons for that ◆ these lights are much smaller unlike any other light- ing alternatives. they offer with optimum bright light- ing and at the same time using minimum space. www.ledmyplace.com

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◆ the UFO high bay lights also offer exception - al thermal properties. the heat produced by these LED lights is easily handled by the alu- minium body of the UFO that acts as a heat sink. ◆ another great advantage is that these high bay lights do not require any reflectors that help to refocus light and to reduce glare. the UFO High bay lights have an in-built light angle that greatly assists in directing and focussing the light much better in 60 90 120-degree light angles. ◆ in addition these lights are long lasting with LEDs installed in it that last around 100000 hours ensuring cost saving over their mainte- nance or replacements. ◆ the light is clean and clear at 3000K or 5000K and no flickering zebra stripes or annoying patterns that hurt the human eyes. ◆ these lights come in dimmable models as well. ◆ the UFO high bay lights are currently offering the best Lumen per Watt output in industry for the best price making it a must-own for anyone with an eye on budgeting and efficiency. www.ledmyplace.com

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Benefits of Led High Bay Lights any place where the ceiling height above at 12 feet or higher is a great use case for the UFO high bay lights. these lights start at 50 watts and 6000 Lumens which is ideal for 12-15 feet high. they go up to 240 watts at 32000 Lumens yob tighten up room with ceiling height as high as 35 feet. a 150w LED UFO High Bay light can get 100000 hours of usage. Combine that with being UL Certifed ensure these lights are built to last. Depending on the usage these lights may not have to be serviced for 20-40 years. the preinstalled Hook makes installation of these lights easy. also replacement is simple for existing lights or for new installation. M10 threads for alternate installation and weight is only 10.52LB / 4.8Kg for easy handling. www.ledmyplace.com www.ledmyplace.com

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