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LED Corn Bulb A Unique Light Upgradation Solution

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LED Corn Bulb a Unique Light Upgradation Solution I n these days of wide spread usage of LED lighting solutions a better lighting upgradation in indoor or outdoor places areas with a dull looking atmo- sphere assumes greater signifcance. The LED Corn Bulb can come to the rescue in such situations for brightening up the area with elegant lighting. These LED Corn Bulbs fnd their extensive application for replacing the traditional fxtures such as the in- candescent bulb High Pressure Sodium HPS lights Metal Halide/HID/CFL/HPS bulbs etc. The led corn bulb is a highly useful option to light up many places such as the parking lot street lighting any indoor ar- eas that call for light upgradation. With quality certifed by UL these corn bulbs underg- oe rigorous quality testing prior to reaching the users hands. Using the outstanding heat dissipation sys- tem and using high quality aviation aluminium these corn light bulbs can work 12 hours or more without any hassle.

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Advantages of Upgrading with a Led Corn Bulb  This LED Corn Bulb lighting option is highly energy needs low maintenance because there is no need to replace the bulb frequently unlike the fluorescent bulbs which in turn can reflect in saving cost on replacement of bulbs.  This corn bulb is a completely “green” lighting option because these bulbs do not produce any harmful gases or other harmful emissions that itself is a great initiative to save the environment.  As these bulbs do not generate any heat while burning there is no chance of these corn bulbs getting damaged quickly. Also the brightness will not reduce after a long usage unlike traditional halogen bulbs. Features of LED Corn Bulb  Saves Energy: These corn bulbs can easily replace 175W to 250W Metal Halide Bulb/HPS/HID by using a 100 W LED corn light bulb which help cut down the electricity bill up to 80 per- cent.  Immaculate Brightness: Offering 5700K Cool White with up to 8100 Lumens at 135lm per watt is a good feature that can en- sure a fabulous luminous effciency at the same time with low power consumption.  Easy to Install: These corn bulbs can be connected directly into either E29 Base or E39 Base. It requires only just screw in. In addition these corn bulbs are well equipped with an effcient internal driver to facilitate single component installation.

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 High-end Quality: The Heat Sink in these corn bulbs are manufactured using high quality aviation-quality aluminium that help to ensure effcient heat dissipation. Also the ABS housing ftted in these corn bulbs enable effcient corro- sion resistance and the clear plastic shell used help to offer these bulbs an IP64 Waterproof rating feature unlike the traditional lighting fxtures. With the above-mentioned advantages and features of this LED Corn Bulb it is hard to fnd a led bulb that can offer these benefts to the user for lighting up a dull looking space. Combined with the advantages of energy effciency and high colour temperature these corn bulbs thrive as the top player in the LED lighting industry.

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