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We at LeapFeed helps you get listed on the best shopping engines and offer you the following services as mentioned below. Data Feed Optimization, New Product Updates, Competitor Price Tracking, Inventory & Pricing Updates. visit-www.leapfeed.com


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1 Leap towards Success

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About LeapFeed : 2 We are a company specialized in providing online marketing services to retailers all across the globe. LeapFeed was established in December 2011 over the years we have grown exponentially with more than 100 plus client in US UK Australia. Our years of experience places us as one of the main leaders in the container market. We are an organization primarily specialized in Data Feed Services mainly for US UK markets. We are a team of 60 self-motivated passionate highly skilled professionals. Revenue generation : Average increase of approx. 80 YoY basis 4 Years.

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3 Vision Mission :

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4 • We at LeapFeed follow Six Values essential for the development of the organization To meet clients expectations we work collectively to provide the desired results well within the stipulated time frame. At LeapFeed we have got professional team leaders who motivates their team to achieve the desired goals also helps them to lead themselves in crucial situations. Team Work Leadership Corporate Values :

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5 With a proper communication channel we are well associated with the clients all across the globe which helps in developing business and generating revenues. To meet the client requirements well within the stipulated time frame we at LeapFeed work 24X7 continuously to achieve the desired results. We treat their goals and objectives as our own. Communication Time Management Continued….

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6 We have a team of creative people who continuously and passionately work on developing ideas which are customized as per the clients requirements. Proper planning with timely action leads to perfect implementation in order to achieve the success which is the prime motto of our organization. Creativity Implementation Continued….

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7 Currently we have got clients based in US UK. Global Reach :

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8 Services : We at LeapFeed helps you get listed on the best shopping engines and offer you the following services as mentioned below : Data Feed Optimization Missing Content Updates New Product Updates Product Performance Tracking Order Management Competitor Price Tracking Inventory Pricing Updates Review Management

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9 IT Services We are a progressive software development web designing/ development company having the team of highly skilled IT professionals. Custom Software Development Social Media Marketing Web Development Pay Per ClickPPC Web Designing Content Writing Search Engine OptimizationSEO LogoBrochureEbay Store Designing

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10 Strategy : We examine evaluate the current state of the client through our team of experts. The development team then design the entire process as per the clients requirements. The team leaders then finally monitor implementation and realize benefits. STEP : 1 STEP : 2 STEP : 3 • LeapFeed follows the simple strategy for all the clients in three simple steps.

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11 Continued : • LeapFeed takes proper care of the employee development in the form of Career transition training and self development. To meet the above needs a 360 degree feedback is used. Based on this feedback the employee is assessed trained accordingly. 360 Degree Feedback Top Management Immediate Supervisor Colleagues Clients Employee Development Strategy

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12 Sales Revenue : 82.57 138.26 209.87 404.46 271.18 CY 2012 CY 2013 CY 2014 CY 2015 CY 2016 67 52 93 CY 2016 shows sales till june’16 • The company showed on an average growth of more than 50 every year. • CY 2015 showed the maximum growth of 93 with sale of 404k USD. All the values in 1000‘USD

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13 Mr. Raghavendra Puthran - Founder/Director • Educational Qualification : PGDBA Finance • Experience: 10+ years  Highlights: • Hardcore operations manager. • Executing projects worth 2 mil /year. • Managing a multi geography team of approx.150 employees. • Developed a new business lines for previous employer. Board of Directors :

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14 • B.E Computer Science • Experience: 4+ years  Highlights: • In-depth exposure to Computer Technology. • Specialized in mentoring implementing Softwares applications on all technology platforms Mrs. Shrinidhi Puthran Director Board of Directors :

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15 Contact Us : Email : infoleapfeed.com or bdleapfeed.com Call Us : +91 9819159185 or +91 9833091122 Visit Us : www.leapfeed.com Find Us : Facebook Linkedin Skype : leapfeed

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