Try Caviar with Stockton hong kong’s Gravlax Beetroot

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Caviar is a luxurious dish that is served in some of the finest dining restaurant in the world. Now, it is available at, try it out with their Gravlax Beetroot.


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The Best Way To Enjoy Eating Your Caviar

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What is caviar? For some of you who is not that familiar about caviar, it is merely a fish roe or eggs. It is a luxurious food that usually served in many fine dining hk bar and restaurant and all over the world.

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It undergoes with the old preservation method such as sieving it with non-iodized salt. It helps to remove fatty tissues and membrane.

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Caviar Eating Etiquette

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Serve it in a Small Amount One way of enjoying caviar is tasting it in a small amount. It will help you appreciate its flavourful texture. Serving it in teaspoon is much better.

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We all know that a good food can be more enticing and pleasing to the eyes if it is served with the best plating you have. Caviar is no difference, though it is not usual to garnish a caviar, this will help to enhance its overall appearance. Serve it With Y our B est P lating

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Caviar can be enjoy in many ways....

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If you want to experience caviar for the first time. H ong K ong S tockton bar is the best place for you. They serve caviar with the pinkish beauty of Beetroot Gravlax . Email: Website: Contact us: +852 2565 5268 All images used are credited to the owner.

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