Failure IS an Option


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Marketers tend to be high achievers, continually working to make things better. It’s in the job description, really. There’s just a tendency to find a good position in “the flow,” which describes as the space between anxiety, frustration and boredom.


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Failure IS an OPTION Why you should Try Try and Try again it’s a good thing

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... continually working to make things better. It’s in the job description really. There’s just a tendency to fnd a good position in “the fow” which describes as the space between anxiety frustration and boredom. Marketers tend to be high achievers... Do marketers ever feel these things Sure. But those feelings often come when there’s an imbalance between your skill level and the difculty of the challenge – for instance high skill and low difculty leads to boredom while the fip side leads to frustration. Generally speaking marketers tend to be able to overcome these imbalances. 2

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The thing is marketing is designed to always present a new interesting challenge. NOT FEELING CHALLENGED BY A PROJECT No problem because the brain is now free to brainstorm on other things. NOT SURE HOW TO ACCOMPLISH SOMETHING Really successful marketers have a can-do approach and are often self-taught. It’s this optimism that carries marketers through when things fail. And things will fail despite your best eforts. But that’s okay Failure is a great teacher and can position you for a level of success far greater than you would have achieved if you began succeeding from the start. There’s always something new to try a new technology to explore a new test to run. That’s why marketers have the fow down pretty well. 3

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Think of Your People When you think about it marketing is a balance between success failure. Marketing automation is a prime example. There’s an incredible amount of strategy planning and execution that goes into incorporating marketing automation into your business. That doesn’t even include the need to bring marketing and sales into one system that works seamlessly to attract capture nurture and convert leads. 4

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Of Marketers don’t understand the true value of their marketing automation investment. 50 It’s no wonder that 50 percent of respondents to a 2011 Focus survey said they have not realized the full value of their marketing automation investment. Worse still less than 25 percent felt they were using their platforms to their full potential. The message is clear: marketing automation success means combining big-picture understanding with technical prowess. LESS THEN 2 5 use their platforms’ true full potential 5

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