Getting Personal – Why Buyer Personas Are Key to Effective Content

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In the new digital era, CONTENT IS KING and the ability to deliver the right message at the right time is essential to converting leads into prospects, and prospects into customers.


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Why Buyer Personas Are Key to Efective Content Getting Personal

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The days of one-size-fts-all marketing messages are long gone. In the new digital era CONTENT IS KING and the ability to deliver the right message at the right time is essential to converting leads into prospects and prospects into customers. 2

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The fact is customers are looking for a more personal relationship with brands. They want to feel acknowledged and understood rather than just another email address in your list. Personalized engagement is becoming a key diferentiator. If I’m considering company A and company B and I see no discernable diference in product the tipping point becomes something more intangible: relevance. Which company is speaking my language and specifcally addressing my pain points One gets the click the other ignored. Or worse — swiftly deleted. 3

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But frst you have to know whom to target. With the explosion of afordable marketing automation systems with segmentation capabilities it’s easier than ever to target your prospects and customers with specifc content. That’s where buyer personas become your new secret weapon. Personas move past surface demographic data to really tap into the ‘who what when where why and how’ behind your customers’ buying decisions. By creating profles of your customers you can dive deep into the unique journey they undergo during the purchase cycle — their challenges pain points and goals — and create informed high-impact campaigns and content tailored to address each segment’s specifc needs. 4

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You know what they say about assumptions… A common fallacy among businesses is to assume that your leads and customers act think and make decisions the same way you do. However once you start talking with your customers and learning the specifc factors that afect their decision-making you’d be surprised by what actually motivates buying behavior. Be prepared to have your assumptions shattered and embrace it — it’ll open up a whole new world of possibilities for you. Times they are a-changing. Keep up. The needs of your clients today are diferent than they were ten years ago fve years ago even just a year ago. So if your content and messaging haven’t changed much over time it’s time to refresh what you know. While personas can help get you up to date right now be careful not to let them get stale as industry trends evolve so should your personas. “Why not” is just as important as “why.” Digging into buyer priorities will reveal not just why they buy but also why they don’t buy. Sometimes this is the more important question though often overlooked. Think about it. By asking a customer why they didn’t buy a certain product or asking your sales team why leads don’t ultimately make a purchase you can uncover astonishing insight into what holes you may have in your messaging your funnel even your actual product or service. Once you can eliminate these barriers to buying you’ll fnd a food of new opportunities knocking at your door. At the most basic level buyer personas are all about getting personal with your leads and customers and fnding innovative ways to connect with them. But even that simple defnition can mean diferent things depending on how you look at it. Here are some ways personas enable you to get personal. How to Get Personal 5

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