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back marketing future Hit 88 miles per hour and travel from relationships to reach to demand generation and account-based marketing with this handy guide.

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© 2016 LeadMD • myleadmd • leadmd.com • GOleadmd.com • 877.775.3236 Page 2 Great marketing doesnt require stolen uranium. But with the increasing popularity of account-based marketing personalized campaigns producing relevant content and even predicting your ideal buyer its more important then ever to understand the fundamentals of great marketing. And while the tactics may have changed over time those fundamentals have remained constant. So grab your hoverboard hop on and lets take a trip back. As Doc said "Where were going we dont need roads..." But we do need a better framework for better marketing.

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© 2016 LeadMD • myleadmd • leadmd.com • GOleadmd.com • 877.775.3236 Page 3 Table of Contents Relationships: Pre 1930s Mass Communications: 1930-1960 Eciency Era: 1960-1970 Digital Age: 1970-2000 The Rise of Relevance: 2000-2010 Return to Relationships: 2010-Present Where We’re Going: Present-The Future

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© 2016 LeadMD • myleadmd • leadmd.com • GOleadmd.com • 877.775.3236 Page 4 While advertising wasnt widely available till the late 20s marketers had one tool constant at their disposal: themselves. The marketer was the account manager and salesman wrapped in one. They had to put themselves in the thick of the opportunities rather than relying on outside entities like print ads to get the job done. 1930 In the beginning... there were relationships.

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© 2016 LeadMD • myleadmd • leadmd.com • GOleadmd.com • 877.775.3236 Page 5 Meetings in speakeasies breaking bread over scotch-and-ice was usually the way a business relationship began. And in-person meetings werent just a way to sell something. They were oen used to open up and expand networks. Long before LinkedIn schmoozing over dinner was one of the only ways to network with prospects and other like-minded folks. We’re gonna make BIG bucks clink Getting to know you...

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Great Scott There’s more where that came from Check out the entire e-book: Back to the Marketing Future DOWNLOAD NOW

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