What is the procedure for Family Sponsorship Canada Program?

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There are many people who are living in Canada away from their families. They can live their family under the family sponsorship program. But, a person should be a permanent citizen of Canada to sponsorship his parents, grandparents or children. This ppt features the information about the procedure for family sponsorship Canada program.


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How can you apply for Family Sponsorship Canada?


Introduction The family sponsorship program enables the permanent citizens of Canada to sponsorship their family to Canada. Many people are living in Canada who migrated to Canada from different countries. To apply for family sponsorship Canada , you need to have a permanent resident card of Canada, then you can sponsor your family to live in Canada with you. You can contact immigration consultants Canada and sponsor your dependent children, common-law partner or spouse, and parents or grandparents.


Eligibility Criteria There is an eligibility criteria to apply for Family sponsorship Canada program. You should be at least 18 years old and should have a constant source of income to support your family members. Apply for Family sponsorship Canada program. Remember your sponsored family members will become the permanent residents of Canada.


Procedure for family sponsorship Canada program You will be eligible to sponsor your family members living outside Canada if the person you are sponsoring belongs to your family. The age should be 18 or above.


Procedure for family sponsorship Canada program You have to show that you are permanent resident of Canada and living in the country. If you don’t live in Canada, you can still apply for the program but you will have to show that you will live in Canada once your family members become a permanent resident.


Procedure for family sponsorship Canada program You and your family members will have to sign a mutual agreement that you understand each other’s mutual obligations and responsibilities. You are required to sign an undertaking that you will provide the basic requirements to the sponsored person.


Conclusion If you want to sponsor your family, you will have to submit an online application form. The program is limited and applicants are selected from 10,000 of online application in the form of a draw. The selected people will be invited to fill the family sponsorship Canada application. Original Source: https://www.lifeandexperiences.com/procedure-to-apply-for-family-sponsorship-canada/


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