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Nothing about us, without us!: 

Nothing about us, without us! Including people with dementia Christine Bryden (Boden) DASNI

Self-advocacy by DASNI: 

Self-advocacy by DASNI Started running in 2000 Approached ADI in 2001 Handed over the relay baton ADI must finish the race

What is our label?: 

What is our label? Dementia: out of one’s mind The stereotype: someone in the later stages The myth: We all can’t speak We all lack insight

The oppression of stigma: 

The oppression of stigma Stereotype and myth leads to stigma Society can’t see the person within. Veil of stigma masks our potential and oppresses us

Stigma is a disease of society: 

Stigma is a disease of society We are trapped within a web of stigma that oppresses us, and casts a veil across our lives The greater the stigma the more likely our “adaptive behavior”

How can we remove the barrier?: 

How can we remove the barrier? Stigma is a barrier behind which we experience loneliness We must address the stereotype and myth of dementia and focus on emotions and spirituality rather than cognition

Our invisibility makes the stigma worse : 

Our invisibility makes the stigma worse When we are invisible you believe that we are all alike When we become visible we can seek a cure and treatment. You can be our ally believe in our potential, you need us and we need you.

Run the race for us!: 

Run the race for us! We decline daily we may not want to or be able to be involved but we want to be asked We need your help Be our ally value us and give us our dignity and individuality

Nothing about us, without us: 

Nothing about us, without us Use us as visible representatives of our shared cause. As we become more visible, the stigma will slowly disappear.

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