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Nottingham City Hospital Charity: 

Nottingham City Hospital Charity The past year And The year ahead

The past year: 

The past year Will highlight 7 major developments

1. Implementation of Raiser’s Edge donor database: 

1. Implementation of Raiser’s Edge donor database Allows us to develop relationships with our donors Affords ability to assess donors’ giving levels and areas of interest for increased giving Easier to track, thank and collect Gift Aid

Develop relationships: 

Develop relationships Before strategic plan – 15% of our donors were thanked Now – 100% Give them opportunity to opt out of receiving further information from us Less than 1% say no

Analyse database: 

Analyse database Allows us to target donors, dovetailing with our needs Allows us to find major donors for capital campaigns Allows us to structure campaigns around giving interests and levels of giving ability

Gift Aid Averages: 

Gift Aid Averages 24% of donors give through Gift Aid Charities that actively promote it receive over 60% National average is less than 40% We are getting 90% response to our Gift Aid requests; 80% compliance

Gift Aid reclamation at NCH: 

Gift Aid reclamation at NCH Before strategic plan – 0% of donors were asked for Gift Aid Now – 100% of donors are asked Results: £13,651 April to September 2004 Projected £28,500 April to December 2004 Compared to £4,400 April to Dec 2003 Compared to £2,900 April to Dec 2002

2. Internal Campaign: 

2. Internal Campaign Charity information points – ‘Smile’ boards New receipts – capture donor details Fundraising information packs – how to run events; an A to Z of ideas Increase Charity’s profile internally – City Post; one-to-ones with nursing staff, receptionists and cashiers; Bulletin

3. Direct Mail: 

3. Direct Mail Mailing of annual report to 2,750 donors, including 550 volunteers and 150 WRVS volunteers Included a ‘soft’ ask Result to date: over £3,000; netted over £2,000

4. Dundee House: 

4. Dundee House Example of major gift campaign One year to get commitment Total gift: £1,750,000 Extra fundraising involvement – support groups, internal fundraisers

5. Fund amalgamation: 

5. Fund amalgamation Auditors’ recommendation that 201 funds be rationalised to areas of common interest Commitment from senior nursing staff to work towards rationalising the 91 patient-care oriented funds into 20 funds, with ultimate goal of creating the one PATIENT CARE FUND

6. Department re-structure: 

6. Department re-structure Separated from QMC’s Special Trustees Now dedicated staff to implement Nottingham City Hospital Charity’s strategic plan Better team environment to fulfil mutual goals

7. More money raised: 

7. More money raised When same accounting principles are applied and factoring in increased fundraising costs : £118,000 NET more raised in 2004/2005 than in 2003/2004 Due to developing ongoing programmes, following Strategic Plan

Active campaigns: 

Active campaigns Prostate Cancer Equipment Appeal Bereavement Centre Breast Cancer Research Fund Gill Murray Fund

The Year Ahead: 

The Year Ahead


Legacies One third of voluntary income from legacies Legacy promotion through boards & event Legacy materials in solicitors’ offices Legacy leaflets in mailings Targeted legacy mailings to donors

In Memoriam: 

In Memoriam Estimated to be in excess of £50,000 annually Working with funeral directors to maximise in memory giving using targeted materials Increases Gift Aid, facilitates return of donations & develops relationships with donors Thank you cards to families Monthly notice in the Nottingham Evening Post


Mailings Various targeted mailings planned through the year including – Spring 2005 Targeted Legacy Mailing Demographically targeted mailings

Internet site: 

Internet site Re-launching charity’s own website – intranet and internet Links through Nottingham City Hospital website Online donation form and how to run fundraising events

Charity Ball: 

Charity Ball Ball for the Patient Care Fund – whole hospital event Committee now in place, representative of the whole hospital Halloween Ball – October 29, 2005 Venue to hold 500 Must sell tickets!


Bookmarks Created bookmarks – general awareness-raising with response mechanism Placing them into Nottingham Libraries – 2,700 committed to date Putting them in books on our trolleys Using them in suitable mailings

Internal awareness: 

Internal awareness Full 2 page spread in the November Issue – information about the Charity and what we do Articles about fundraisers, new materials, how to apply for funds, etc. Charity staff personal visits to wards Support fundraising initiatives


Corporate Approaching companies already supporting us for increased support Seeking new companies’ support, particularly for ‘Charity of the Year’ status where applicable

Major consideration: 

Major consideration Large capital project to entice high quality external participants Specifically to help establish the Fundraising Development Board

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