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If executed perfectly, these favor boxes can be spectacular and striking, featuring such exquisite detailing as a three-dimensional sequined gown and pearls for the tuxedo buttons.


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Create the Perfect Look for Your Event with Custom Favor Boxes Nowadays people are obsessed with social media and they are always on the lookout for the ideal shot that will make their Instagram feed the envy of others. This trend has transcended the world of event planning as well where people want everything from the party decorations to the theme of the party to the refreshments and most importantly the party favor boxes to be stunning and fabulous.

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Custom favor boxes have recently become popular and have totally changed the game as these gift boxes can now be made in any shape form size pattern design or color that matches the mood of the party. Besides that they can easily elevate the style quotient of any celebrations with their unique aesthetically-pleasing and tasteful appearance. The word “Custom” typically refers to something explicitly made to order–not made ahead of time–. These custom favor boxes now come in a variety of customizations and can be personalized according to your specific needs. You can add anything to these gift boxes like ribbons tulle or tags bearing best wishes that can be attached to them. No matter what you choose these custom gift boxes will surely add a touch of elegance to your celebrations. Some of the crowd favorite custom favor boxes are: Monogrammed Favor Boxes A favorite type of favor box that the people just adore is a monogrammed box. Typically you can customize these favor boxes completely. After selecting the color and shape for the box you can then choose a gorgeous coordinating monogram label.

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Also instead of a monogram you could select an image like a “baby onesie” for a baby shower or a “tiara” for a bachelorette that matches the theme of the party. Cake Slice Favor Box These are not meant to keep an actual slice of cake but instead are shaped like so because they look adorable especially when they are grouped together as a centrepiece of the table. The embellishments such as a monogram or a personalized tag tied to them with a lovely ribbon add to the beauty of these favor boxes.

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Usually 12 slices are pieces together to form a “cake.” It looks enchanting to have a whole cake as a table decoration lying somewhere in the room. You can fill these custom favor boxes with whatever you want from candies to small gifts the world is your oyster. Or you can have it placed at the center of each table so that at the end of the party upon leaving your guests could take one “cake slice” home.

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Tuxedo and Wedding Gown Favor Boxes If executed perfectly these favor boxes can be spectacular and striking featuring such exquisite detailing as a three-dimensional sequined gown and pearls for the tuxedo buttons. Even if you don’t like any of the ideas mentioned above do not worry As custom favor boxes are everywhere and the ways to personalize them are endless. So let your creative juices flow and create your ideal gift box that suits your aesthetic to the T.

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