Silica Magnetic Particles

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Silica Magnetic Particles The DiagNano™ silica magnetic particles are produced by hydrolysis of orthosilicates in the presence of magnetite and have a hydrophilic surface with terminal Si-OH-bonds and can easily be separated with conventional permanent magnets. They are extremely stable in organic solvents and at high temperatures. Silica coating not only contributes to the improved stability and prolonged shelf-life due to inertness of silica but also facilitates the surface functionalization by providing various active reacting groups including OH NH2 COOH SH N-hydroxysuccinimide NHS and epoxy for the covalent binding of proteins antibodies or other molecules. It can also be used for nucleic acids isolation and purification though the DNA/RNA-silica interaction method created by Boom et al. in 1990 with improved efficiency and simplified operation. The silica magnetic particles are also available with functional protein ligands avidin streptavidin protein A albumin or biotin. They can be offered with the nickelII chelator nitrilotriacetic acid NTA or ready to use with the corresponding nickel complex Ni-NTA for the binding of histidine labeled proteins. The magnetic silica particles are available with a hydrophobic octadecyl C18 surface and can be delivered with an organic polymer shell coreshell method on request.

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