Driving High Tech Manufacturers to Collaborate with Non-High Tech Comp


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© Copyright 2017. Infor. All rights reserved. Technology has transformed our societal infrastructure blurring the lines between high-tech and non-high tech manufacturing companies. With 24/7 internet connectivity consumers and business products have increased their dependency on technology. The high-tech manufacturers are tapping into this opportunity by collaborating with the non-high tech companies. The first step is to understand the four key trends driving the integration of high tech manufacturing with other industries. Democratization of technology Societal transformation Transformation of industries Innovation alone is not enough Driving high tech manufacturers to collaborate with non-high tech companies

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Technology has broken out of the walls of oces and moved into the hands of the consumer – embedded and democratized. Automation technology in manufacturing was boosted to meet the steady growth in demand for consumer products traditionally called low tech products. These products as well as their usage have permanently transformed society’s behavior to one of ‘self-service’ . Only a handful of companies can manage all facets of manufacturing if they want high tech in their products. Major high tech manufacturers have changed their strategy from being components developers to module developers and oer digital functionality solutions. Basic innovation is no longer enough for high tech manufacturers. They must collaborate with non-high tech manufacturers to dierentiate their companies and products. The expected outcome of this collaboration looks promising. High tech companies are being held to maintain the same standards that were always critical for non-high tech industries: Delivery Cost Quality Infor increases eciency collaboration and ease of use in high tech and electronics manufacturing with enterprise software that provides a consumer-inspired user experience designed to mirror personal technology. Trusted by over 5500 customers worldwide including 9 of the top 10 global high tech and electronic manufacturers Infor is boosting innovation adoption for high tech and electronics. For more information on the 4 trends driving high tech manufacturers to integrate with non-high tech manufacturers. DOWNLOAD THE WHITE PAPER © Copyright 2017. Infor. All rights reserved. The Global Industry Analysts have predicted the global market for embedded systems to be valued at US 234B by 2020.

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