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Surplus-Auctions are a web based auction where brand new desirable Auctions are a Penny Auction website focused on selling industrial equipment. We work in conjunction with various suppliers around the globe in order to ensure that the best productsare available for you to bid on.


Presentation Transcript Penny Auction website focused on selling industrial equipment. We are the first online industrial penny auction site in Houston and we have been dealing with industrial products for over 20 years. We buy out surplus inventories from liquidated companies and put them up for auction. Our website is the only website that deals in industrial auctions that start at only a penny.

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PowerPoint Presentation: Our goal is not to make money on the final price but to generate bid revenue. This then allows the customer to bid at a low price during an auction.

PowerPoint Presentation: We are focused on making sure our users are happy with our service. Therefore, we look to give second chances on our website for bidders who may not have been successful on a previous auction.

PowerPoint Presentation: The bidding process is simple. The customer pays to take part in the several live auctions where products are going for a very low price. The highest bid at the end of the auction wins the item.

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We always look to offer better products regularly and place the lowest possible starting value. Our prices on the products are usually 80-90% lower than their original price tag.

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