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Surplus-Auctions are a web based auction where brand new desirable Auctions are a Penny Auction website focused on selling industrial equipment. We work in conjunction with various suppliers around the globe in order to ensure that the best products are available for you to bid on.


Presentation Transcript The first and best online industrial penny auction site. We are an industrial auction firm located in Houston, Texas. We buy out surplus inventories from companies that have gone out of business or items that are needed or discarded by a company. Our goal is not to make money on the final price but to generate bid revenue. This return gives customers the lowest possible price. Surplus products and then put on our auction site with a low starting bid.

PowerPoint Presentation: We are the only company in Houston that deals in industrial products as well as offering consumer products to our customers at a low starting price.

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PowerPoint Presentation: The auctions work in a simple manner. The user pays to participate in live auctions. Each time a bid is placed, the timer on the product resets itself by 10 to 20 second. When the timer hits zero, the highest bidder wins the auction.

PowerPoint Presentation: To keep the service quality at a high level, we evaluate our bidders and give them second chances if they miss out on an auction.

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PowerPoint Presentation: We want to expand within our niche by offering better products more frequently which gives bidders more chances to win. We also want to focus on customer retention so we can ensure that the user can make the most out of their bid.

PowerPoint Presentation: Our prices on an item are generally 80-90% lower than their original value. We make sure that the price represent the best value for the bidders. Visit our website now for more information

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