public & private college fees structure are rising

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Public & Private College Fees Structure Are Rising : 

Public & Private College Fees Structure Are Rising Hot Legal Topic

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The College Board reported that both public college costs and private college costs are rising faster than inflation. Rising costs have also outstripped increases in financial aid, leaving students paying more than ever before.

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Why the colleges are rising fees ? Higher salary paying qualified staff. Facility of well equipped infrastructure. Pvt. Colleges are demanding more money because of Government less interface. For making Glamorous. Providing more facility to Student, Staff, visitors.

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Modern Colleges

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College interior Computer lab Canteen Facilities Library College facility

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The College has outstanding facilities including:- All classrooms have computers, projectors and Smart board technology A well equipped library and study area with books, computers, Internet, video and DVDs  A fully equipped gymnasium.  A dance/aerobic studio.  An Internet café. A relaxing student common room.

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Government schools are considered as below standard (at least in cities) and private schools face no trouble demanding so called donations and unreasonable fees making it impossible for an average Indian to get his/her children good enough to hold certificate.

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Public College Tuition and Fees (Undergraduates)

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According to the College Board's Annual Survey of Colleges, average published public college tuition fees have risen considerably in the last year. Compared to the 2006-2007 school year, students are paying 6.6 percent more at four-year in-state schools and 5.5 percent more at four-year out-of-state schools. Two-year schools, which are normally the cheapest option, have also seen an increase of 4.2 percent in a year-over-year comparison. Tuition and fees constitute 20 percent of the budget for two-year college students living on campus and 60 percent of the budget for four-year out-of-state college students, but only 33 percent of the budget for four-year in-state college students. Public College

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Private College Tuition and Fees (Undergraduates)

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Average published tuition and fees for private college students have also increased, rising 6.3 percent at nonprofit colleges and 6.2 percent at for-profit colleges. Tuition and fees constitute approximately two-thirds of the budget for four-year private college students. Private College

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During the last decade, tuition costs at four-year public schools have increased an average of $216 per year (2007 dollars). Total charges--including tuition, fees and room and board--have risen at an average rate of 7.1 percent per year. Public Four-Year Colleges

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Private Four-Year Colleges Over the last ten years, tuition costs at private four-year colleges have increased by an average of $589 per year (2007 dollars). Total charges--including tuition, fees and room and board--have risen by an average rate of 5.3 percent per year.

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College fees going up at a Faster, slower, same, Don’t know


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