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Author Lakesia Wright shares Health Care Provider Marketing


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Clinical Care to Quality Patient Care A Marketing Plan Concept for The HealthCare Industry:

Clinical Care to Quality Patient Care A Marketing Plan Concept for The HealthCare Industry Author Lakesia Wright Marketing Strategists August 8, 2012


Introduction A concept of moving patients from Clinical Care to Quality Patient Care Caribbean Focused


Objectives What is a Marketing Plan? Why are we marketing? Who are we marketing to? How do we reach them? What service are we marketing? Trends in Patient Care services

PowerPoint Presentation:

A marketing plan is a strategic document that is designed to facilitate the achievement of specific business goals and objectives over a specific time period

Extending Services Beyond Clinical Care:

Extending Services Beyond Clinical Care Patients are customers Customers are purchasers of Goods & Services, translation; Patients are end receivers of Health Services, who purchase Health Care products . Patients may purchase as Self Payers or as Members of a Health Insurance Plan where they pay through their employers.

Health Service Provider:

Health Service Provider Treat patients for illnesses, Accidents , routine wellness. Maintains an intimate relationship with Patients Staff Hospitals And other physicians

Who are the Providers?:

Who are the Providers? Physicians Attending Referring Specialists Serving Hospital or in Private Practice settings

Why do we Market?:

Why do we Market? Hospitals market to increase bed occupancy and donations Physicians Markets to increase patient count

The Essence of Marketing:


The Market Share:

The Market Share The market is comprised of a segment of persons in need of health care. We target market in order to apply the differential advantage

PowerPoint Presentation:

“ Competitive strategy is about being different, it means deliberately choosing a different set of activities to deliver a unique mix of value .”

PowerPoint Presentation:

A target market is the group you want to go after and achieve that may well be different than the client base that you are presently Serving .

Marketing Channels & Value Delivery :

Marketing Channels & Value Delivery Sponsorship Events Corporate Business Health Fairs Health Insurance Companies Government Health Agencies Non Profit Organizations Physicians Organizations & Associations

Services We Market:

Services We Market The Hospital to Physician to Patient. Minimal to No wait Admissions for non emergency Immediate Admission for Emergencies Same day care and Surgery Health Prevention Pre to Post Natal Care Mental Illness Women Health Men Health Elder Health/ Geriatric ChildCare- Immunization

The Planning Process:

The Planning Process Identify the Differential Advantage Develop Missions & Goals Design the Marketing plan Implement the Sales Strategy Pre-Test the Market Execute the Marketing Plan and Sales Strategies

PowerPoint Presentation:

What sets you apart from other HealthCare Providers?


Drivers * Cost Based- Cost less than anyone else Product Based- Cost more, but offers quality care Market Based- Niche or Target Market for specialized services

The Goal:

The Goal “deliver value to the customer from the customer’s perspective better than anyone else”

Quality Patient Care:

Quality Patient Care Providing customers with a reliable product or service experience at competitive price and a minimum of difficulty Your patient will pay for Quality Patient Care those that don’t were not happy with the services they received.

Quality Care Patient checklist:

Quality Care Patient checklist Dependability--provider do what was promised? Responsiveness -service provided in a timely manner? Authority - provider elicit a feeling of confidence during delivery process? * Empathy - provider able to understand customer’s point of view? Tangible evidence - was evidence left that service was performed Patient Follow Up- Did the Dr’s office follow up with the patient for treatments and next visits?

The Purpose of Marketing:

The Purpose of Marketing Reach Patients Educate them about Health Care Services , the delivery process and introduce them to our Physicians while maintaining loyal patients. Align marketing with the Quality of Patient Care. Benefits for Healthcare providers Increased patient retention Increase total share of patients

Marketing Strategies:

Marketing Strategies Marketing for a Cause Service Marketing Tipping Point KingPin MultiMedia Guerilla

Marketing Strategy Road Map:

Marketing Strategy Road Map Account Segmentation/Target Market Marketing Strategy Campaign Management Content Patient Knowledge Demand Generation Lead Management Staffing

The Process:

The Process Critical Steps to take Step 1. Develop Lead Generation Strategy Step 2. Implement Demand Generation Step 3. Design Process & Manage People Step 4. Build Lead System

Barriers to Entry:

Barriers to Entry Advertising Cost disadvantages: information & technology location Government Human Resources learning curve

Barriers to Exit:

Barriers to Exit High fixed cost/low variable cost Psychological, social commitment Internal systems

Current Trends:

Current Trends Retail Clinics “same day urgent care providers” Educated Patient via Internet Search Engine and Free Health Websites ie WebMD Social Media Press Release TV Interviews with healthcare providers Physicians going on line You Tube Website & Mobile The average adult spends 26% of her time online, yet the average Health Care provider spends just 9% of its media dollars on the web . Expand your web campaigns with new technologies such as a Webpage that offers Mobile Payment Services for Patients to connect with their provider utilizing the web and pay their bill balances on line. This services offers the patient options to pay their bills from wherever they are. It will offer peace of mind to the patient and build a stronger bond between patient and physician, ultimately maintaining a loyal patient. Mens Audience Medical Tourism


Conclusion Marketing focuses on the Quality of Patient Care and Physician Branding while attempting to increase revenue dollars. Resources Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development Franklin Street American College of Physician Executive

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