LTG Mary Legere - Cyber Security Risks and How to Fight Back

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Cyber Security Risks and How to Fight Back:

Cyber Security Risks and How to Fight Back LTG Mary Legere


Cyber security breaches of large and small companies continue to make headlines, and it is an area LTG Mary Legere , Senior Intelligence Office for the United States Army is interested in exploring. Yet, despite all of the new technology and vigilance companies use, many are still not prepared to fully protect their data from a variety of security threats. Here is a list of the more common security threats businesses face and what they can do to protect against them. LTG Mary Legere


LTG Mary Legere LTG M A R R Y L E G E R E Insider attacks are one of the largest threats facing company data and systems. Disgruntled and careless employees have the potential to cause serious damage for a company. To eliminate the threat of disgruntled employees causing damage, it is important for companies to identify and limit privileged user accounts and terminate them immediately upon the employee’s departure from the company.


Privileged users should be vetted for their reliability and cyber security awareness, and their activities actively monitored to ensure good practice and strong security. To reduce the risk from careless employees, all employees must be educated on the basics of cyber security as well as best practices, and held accountable for good cyber hygiene. As an extra step to securing your company data, you should deploy validated encryption to your server. LTG Mary Legere


Another risk that has seen an increase lately is mobile devices. When employees use their own mobile devices to share data, access company information, or neglect to change their mobile passwords, there is an increased risk of data theft. To help decrease this risk, companies should have a carefully spelled out policy regarding the use of personal cell phones. LTG Mary Legere


Third-party services providers can also pose a huge threat to company data and systems. As technology becomes more specialized and complex, companies are turning to third-party providers to help them maintain and support their systems. Many third party service providers use remote access tools to connect to company networks, but they don’t always follow security best practices. LTG Mary Legere


Many times the contractor’s login credentials are stolen, allowing anyone to access your system. In order to decrease your risk of a data breach as a result of a third-party service provider not following security best practices, it is important to properly validate that any third-party provider follows security best practices. It is also important to disable any accounts as soon as they are no longer needed. LTG Mary Legere


In this day and age, cyber security breaches are inevitable, as LTG Mary Legere knows. To minimize the impact of a cybersecurity, leak and breach, you should be performing a risk assessment regularly. This will help you to identify where your valuable data is housed and what procedures and controls you need to put in place to protect it. Taking the proper measures now will save you later. . LTG Mary Legere

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