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Ancient Aliens:

Ancient Aliens

Ancient Alien Background:

Ancient Alien Background Often referred to as Ancient Astronauts. Idea that we’ve been visited in the past by E.T’s. Belief that E.T.’s influenced human civilization.

Ancient Alien Theorists:

Ancient Alien Theorists Erich von Däniken Zecharia Sitchin

Erich von Däniken :

Erich von Däniken Wrote the book Chariot of the Gods . Claims ancient cultures were not advanced enough to construct certain structures. Believes artifacts either constructed directly by E.T.’s or with help. Believes Ancient Astronauts brought about Religions.

Zecharia Sitchin :

Zecharia Sitchin Wrote The Earth Chronicles Nibiru Theorized about gods of old Mesopotamia. The Anunnaki genetically engineered laborors departure of Anunnaki

Nibiru’s orbit:

Nibiru’s orbit

E.T.’s in religions:

E.T.’s in religions Raelianism founder was Claude Vorilhon claims encounters Elohim

E.T.’s in religion cont’d:

E.T.’s in religion cont’d The Mahabharata (6000 BC) Vimanas possible nuclear warfare



E.T.’s in Christianity:

E.T.’s in Christianity

E.T.’s in Christianity:

E.T.’s in Christianity

E.T.’s in Christianity:

E.T.’s in Christianity

Possible E.T. influenced sites:

Possible E.T. influenced sites The Nazca Lines “ Moai ” of Easter Island Puma Punku The Pyramids of Egypt

The Nazca Lines:

The Nazca Lines

Moai of Easter Island:

Moai of Easter Island

Puma Punku:

Puma Punku

Pyramids of Egypt:

Pyramids of Egypt

Crop Circles:

Crop Circles

Slide 21:

Crop circles are found in grain crops. In crop circles the grains are swirled, not broken.

Slide 22:

Crop circles occur in U.K. more than anywhere else in the world.

Slide 23:

Crop circles are found to have electromagnetic fields that interfere with electronics.

Slide 24:

Dr. William Levengood

Slide 26:

Crop Circle History

Slide 27:

Changes over time

Slide 28:


Slide 29:


Doug And Dave:

Doug And Dave

Slide 32:

Nancy Talbot Three features to every crop circle: Elongated plant stem nodes. Expulsion of cavities in plants. Presence of 10-50 micrometer diameter magnetized iron spheres in the soils.


Reactions Peaceful feelings Dizziness Nervousness Confusion

Slide 35:

The 600’ Jellyfish

Slide 36:

The Galaxy 409 perfectly aligned circles 780 feet long Would have had to be completed in 4 hours by hoaxers. Each circle would have had to been composed in 30 seconds.

Slide 37:

The Human Butterfly Leonardo da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man”



What if this…:

What if this… happened to YOU ?

You may think that you know what an alien looks like…:

You may think that you know what an alien looks like… but, you probably do not.



Slide 53:

Airplane Missile Crash Nuclear Accident Extraterrestrial Craft

Slide 55:


Slide 58:


Slide 59:


Slide 61:

“After he was elected President, I kept thinking about that event, and wondered if he still would have won if he told everyone that he saw a flying saucer.”

Slide 64:

Current Events and Released Declassified files

Slide 65:

Current sighting of a UFO over Beijing, China 2010

Slide 67:

Slide 68:

Realized decalcified files

Slide 72:

Strange Liquid

Slide 74:

Search for extra terrestrial life

Arecebo Broadcast:

Arecebo Broadcast

Slide 76:

S. E. T. I. Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence

Past Projects:

Past Projects

Present Projects:

Present Projects



Slide 80:

Frank Drake

The Drake Equation:

The Drake Equation

Slide 82:

Human attempts to contact

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