SPIN 's Annual Giving Campaign 2009-2010


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Annual Giving is SPIN’s Annual Membership Campaign : 

Annual Giving is SPIN’s Annual Membership Campaign

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Some companies have their value in stocks… SPIN, being a non-profit, holds its value in its Members. So membership is extremely important to SPIN.

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You’ve shown that you care by making the choice to work at SPIN, but by becoming a member you can do so much more. Have a voice in the agency. Support SPIN to maintain high quality services, both to those supported by SPIN and to SPIN employees. Ensure SPIN’s future. SPIN was started by a small group of members alone, and now membership is more important than ever. Stay connected with SPIN, no matter where your path leads you. Allow SPIN to give back to you through a variety of benefits of membership…

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Lets take a look at SPIN’s benefits this year…

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All members are invited to the Annual Meeting of Members, which is held the first Tuesday of October. During that meeting a dinner is served, the activities, services, and finances of the previous year are reviewed, the future of SPIN is discussed, and SPIN Board Members are elected to the SPIN Board of Directors by non-staff SPIN Members. All Members also receive SPIN’s Annual Report, a subscription to the quarterly newsletter, Notables, & are invited to the Annual Appreciation Gala on the first Friday in December! Staff/General Members receive one invite to the Gala All higher levels receive two tickets, one for themselves and one for a guest. *Tickets cannot be transferred or given to another person but can be purchased for non-members prior to the Gala.

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2nd Annual Appreciation Gala 2008

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The next benefit is the Donor Honor Roll Listing in the Annual Report for all Members who join at the Patron Level and higher. Also at the Patron Level and above, you will receive complimentary Spintastic Raffle Tickets. The number of tickets you receive increases with each membership level. This year’s Raffle Prizes are…

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The final benefit of membership is a discount on a Norcom Community Center Family Membership and use of the facilities. SPIN’s next benefit of membership is the Invitation to the Annual Golf Tournament in May The Benefactor Level includes a complimentary Golfer’s ticket The Endowing Level includes 2 complimentary Golfer’s tickets The Agency Partner Level includes a set of complimentary foursome tickets The Benefactor Level includes 50% off NCC’s Family Membership and use of Facilities. The Endowing and Agency Partner Levels receive an NCC family Membership and use of the facilities at no charge!

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Have you decided which level works best for you? There are a few ways to join…

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Fill out your information, choose your level and donation amount & then choose your payment method.. Cash, Check, or Credit Card payments in full. Quarterly Installments, which are 4 installments billed quarterly (October, January, April & July) Or Payroll Deduction… The portion of your contribution which exceeds the value of the benefits you receive is certified by SPIN, Inc. as a tax deduction under IRS code.

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The Payroll Deduction option is offered exclusively to SPIN staff. The total donation is split over 26 pays per year from January – December . For Example: Staff/General $3.00 per pay x 26 pays = $78 a year Friend of SPIN $6.00 per pay x 26 pays = $156 a year Patron $10.00 per pay x 26 pays = $260 a year Supporting $17.50 per pay x 26 pays = $455 a year Benefactor $31.00 per pay x 26 pays = $806 a year Endowing $58.00 per pay x 26 pays = $1508 a year Agency Partner $77.00 per pay x 26 pays = $2002 a year If you decide to join through Payroll Deduction, please submit your membership form by December 18, 2009.

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If you would like to support SPIN in other ways such as volunteering or assisting in fundraising contact spin@spininc.org. Please tell your friends, family, and any business owners you might know about SPIN’s Annual Giving campaign. Every donation is greatly appreciated! Join online at www.spininc.org

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Thanks! Can’t wait to see you at the gala! Thanks! Can’t wait to see you at the Gala!

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