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Pictures and commentary on my visit to Ethiopia in February 2006


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In February 2006 I spent a week in Ethiopia. It was not nearly enough time.

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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital, is a large city with an elevation of over 7700 feet and a pollution problem

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The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Addis Ababa Ethiopia has its own religion, a version of orthodox Christianity dating from the fourth century. This cathedral is the largest in the country.

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The cathedral contains beautifully carved thrones used by the emperor Haile Salassie and his queen, as well as their tombs.

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Beautiful Lake Tana, north of Addis, is the home of many Orthodox monasteries, housed on 20 of its 37 islands.

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In order to visit one of the monasteries we took this boat.

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This church at the monastery is round, like most Ethiopian churches.

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A priest displays the monastery’s treasured manuscripts

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Worshipers lean on “prayer sticks” during services which can last as long as four hours. There are no pews or seats.

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Papyrus boats are still used on Lake Tana

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A papyrus boat builder demonstrates his craft

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Basket weaving is passed on to a new generation

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A woman spinning

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Threshing done in the old-fashioned way with oxen

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Women wash clothes along the banks of the Blue Nile River, near Bahir Dar

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A 17th century bridge on the way to the Blue Nile Falls

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At the Blue Nile Falls Dams upstream have greatly reduced its flow.

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Terraced fields in northern Ethiopia

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A boy selling garlic alongside the road Ethiopian Children

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At Gonder there are castles built by several different emperors in the 17th and 18th centuries

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One of the castles had a steam bath. Entrance Pegs made of animal horns to hang clothes on

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The emperor Haile Selassie, the “Lion of Judah,” kept lions in these cages.

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Fasiladas’ Bath in Gonder is filled with water only once a year for a religious ceremony.

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Tree roots cover the walls.

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The Bath is currently under restoration.

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Divinity students gather at an ancient rock-hewn church.

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