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What It Means To Have Backlit LED VANITY MIRRORS In Your Bathroom?

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Introduction If you never got a chance to see yourself in backlit mirrors, just know that these are the most popular mirrors today. Why? This is because the backlit mirrors have about 120 small LEDs arranged from behind the mirror in the manner that a mirror is shaped and these are those which provide for lighting that has a very high CRI, lighting that’s even and uniform, and lighting that allows you to dress up or do make-up by exposing yourself to different color temperatures. And, not just this, you get to enjoy plenty of other benefits too. Here’s some of those benefits as mentioned above . LED Vanity Mirrors And Their Benefits A Cozy And Relaxed Ambience You have plenty of color temperature options in these backlit LED V anity M irrors . The CCT of 3000K means a warm white glow and when it’s more of yellowish type of white. In the Western world, incandescent and halogen lighting meant comfort and which you can get now from LED lighting. But, what has coziness got to do with makeup? Well, the more relaxed you are, the better you feel from inside and that feeling gets reflected on the your face. And, it gets far better than the lights that are mounted out there on your room ceilings because the lights now shine on just the right places -- your face and your dress. So, now do you get the benefit of having a backlit mirror now ?

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The Defogger Mechanism The backlit LED vanity mirror features a defogger other than a power switch and a smart switch. If the smart switch allows you to dim the light to your desired level of intensity, the electronic defogger helps you have a mirror that clears all the dirt, dust or moisture by itself. This defogger is because of a heating - coil pad behind the mirror.       With the defogging mechanism, you have a functionality now that gets you rid of manually wiping off the mirror every time it gets wet or damp. This particularly helps when you are really busy throughout the day and have very little time for such petty things as the one involving cleaning or wiping off your bathroom or vanity mirror . CCT Change And CCT Remembrance In these LED vanity mirrors, you not only have color changing option when you can easily switch from one color temperature to another to see the change in your face at various stages of making-up but the color remembrance option too. You have the option of four color temperatures such as 3000K, 4000K, 4200K and 6000K. While 3000K creates a warm white color glow and 4000K means neutral-white glow, the 4200K would mean more of a bluish hue and exceeding sunlight at noon.  The 6000K would mean day white-cool white light. Now, while that was about color changing, the color change remembrance would mean, having an option to check, what was the color temperature you used last. This kind of option works best for actors who want to have a different or same look each time they are in front of the mirror. The make-up artists after all have to ensure that the actors look the same during one take of the film shooting and different in different takes .

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Conclusion While you will be privileged to have backlit LED vanity mirrors because of the functionalities mentioned above, such mirrors also enable your bathroom or other living spaces wherever they get installed look elegant, stylish and decorative. Such mirrors add value to the spaces in which you live each day of your life.

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