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PLATINUM think_profit and marketing group Present

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Why Did You FIRST Start Your Business? Create more INCOME 1 Create more TIME 2 PLATINUM marketing group think_profit

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think_profit WHY? $80,000 $1,000,000 Same Product Same Type of People

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The Pursuit of the MONEY MACHINE PLATINUM marketing group think_profit

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The Money Machine MARKETING SALES PRODUCTION OPERATIONS Constantly Improve Processes and Systems to Increase VELOCITY think_profit Constantly Improve Processes and Systems to Increase VELOCITY

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What Is It? A group of 20 REMODELING OWNERS from across the country focused on increasing the effectiveness of their lead generation activities and improving their companies performance. think_profit

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How Does It Work? Group is led by a Senior Marketing Advisor (SMA) that works full time to improve your companies lead generation processes. 1 SMA has access to a “Dream Team” of marketing consultants, designers, writers, internet and media experts to assist in maximizing your marketing budget. 2 think_profit

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How Does It Work? The other 19 owners also act as advisors and mentors to your company through monthly conference calls and quarterly in-person meetings. 3 think_profit

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How Does It Work? You Senior Marketing Advisor “Dream Team” of designers, marketing experts, writers, internet guru’s and more. 19 Other Owners/Advisors to Help You Grow Your Company think_profit

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What Do I Get? 19 other business owners to help you improve marketing and grow your business. 1 Senior Marketing Advisor that works with you daily to help improve your lead generation process and improve the bottom line. 2 “Dream Team” of marketing experts to help you maximize every marketing dollar. 3 Significant discounts on printing and other marketing expenses. 4 MarketSharp lead management software - $5,000 value. 5 think_profit

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What Do I Get? MasterMind PowerTraining Premiere membership. 6 Quarterly meeting with SMA and other top business experts to help grow your company. 7 Detailed in-person analysis and report of current marketing processes budgets, lead generation systems, etc. 8 Benefit of the research from the SMA with your company and the other 19 companies in the group. 9 Completely turn-key, pre-built campaigns to ensure you can capture the leads during your key selling times. 10 think_profit

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What Does It Cost? $3,000 initial investment. Covers detailed marketing report and 6 month plan development costs. 1 Commitment to spend $5,000 per month in the following marketing activities: Printing – postcards, brochures, job site mailers, business cards, etc. (excludes postage expenses) List rental services Newsletter Newspaper inserts (printing cost only) Graphic design Programming Through the groups wholesale pricing these same services would cost 30% - 40% more than you will pay as a member. 2 $1,000 per month AFTER 6 MONTHS. Once the value of membership has been proven you begin paying your $1,000 per month membership fee. 3 think_profit

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What is Your Current Marketing Budget? $2,000,000 in Revenue = $ 25,000 - $ 30,000 per month $3,000,000 in Revenue = $ 37,500 - $ 45,000 $4,000,000 in Revenue = $ 50,000 - $ 60,000 $5,000,000 in Revenue = $ 62,500 - $ 75,000 $6,000,000 in Revenue = $ 75,000 - $ 90,000 $7,000,000 in Revenue = $ 87,500 - $100,000 $8,000,000 in Revenue = $100,000 - $120,000 think_profit

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The Real Monthly Cost $1,500 – Newsletter 10 – 16 Referrals $3,000 – Job Site Mailers (excluding postage) 32 – 48 Leads $500 – Design, Brochures, Business Cards, etc. Same services through other printers: $7,200 - $8,500 Once we have proven the value of your participation in the group you begin paying a $1,000 per month membership fee after 6 months. think_profit

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think_profit MARKETING SALES PRODUCTION OPERATIONS Significantly Increase Your Companies VELOCITY PLATINUM marketing group

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