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HOWEVER "However" is a transitional word that moves your ideas from one sentence to another. It's very similar to "but." It's used to show contrasts and differences.


You did very well on the test. You could have done better . You did very well on the test; however , you could have done better . Katty could not cash her paycheck She managed to buy a new TV set. Katty couldnt cash her paycheck nevertheless , she managed to buy a new TV set. HOWEVER – BUT--- NEVERTHELESS

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Having a car can be very convenient; however, it's expensive to buy and maintain one. Walter has a lot of work to do; however, he's too tired to finish it.

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Jim is in love with Graciella ; however, he's not sure if she loves him. However hard she tried, she could not open the door to get the office supplies. However = No matter how No matter how hard she tried, she ....


ALTHOUGH – EVENTHOUGH -- THOUGH Although & Even Though are used to express an unexpected result, giving in/concession or contrast Even though and although can be used in the the same way as despite the fact that and in spite of the fact that.

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He enjoys his job, although he would like more responsibility. Even though she works long hours, she still finds time for other things. She’s never been to Japan, though she’s fluent in Japanese. I enjoyed the holiday, even though it rained a lot. I enjoyed the holiday, despite the fact that it rained a lot.

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Despite Despite means "even though," "notwithstanding," or "regardless of." It's the opposite of "because of/due to," and can be used with a noun or gerund. In spite of In spite of means exactly the same thing and is used exactly the same way as "despite." She had difficulty communicating in French in spite of/ despite all her years of study.


DESPITE – IN SPITE OF Despite the recession, we achieve record profits. They still think they’ll win the election, in spite of recent opinion polls. I haven’t finished that report yet, despite working overtime last night.


TRIADS WORK Write sentences using linkers of contrast.

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