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TeamPlay Kylie Latham Azusa Pacific University EDCO 549

What is TeamPlay?:

What is TeamPlay ? Online mentor database and tools that help students discover and explore their own interests, set goals, and pursue them. Software similar to Facebook and Myspace , used to create communication between mentors, parents, teachers, family members, and others.

PowerPoint Presentation:

TeamPlay was originally designed for inner-city students that needed mentors. TeamPlay uses technology to lower barriers (time, timing, fear that mentoring will not be successful, and the administrative hurdles), making it possible for anyone to be effective as a mentor or role model to get involved.

Background Information:

Background Information TeamPlay is supported by the TeamPlay Foundation, which is an independent, charitable organization. The purpose of the foundation is to provide human services to young men and women.


Population TeamPlay is designed for young men and women. Mentors and mentees can belong to any age group, race, and ethnicity. They can also use TeamPlay anywhere there is online access.

Usefulness of TeamPlay:

Usefulness of TeamPlay TeamPlay users have access to a rich network of resources and support as they set goals in the system and pursue them. The system also enables professional success coaches, parents, and teachers to coordinate and supervise the team of volunteers to ensure each student gets the support they need.

New Contributions:

New Contributions TeamPlay creators realized that 4 out of 5 students have Myspace profiles. This implies that students are comfortable forming and maintaining relationships online, which is why using technology like TeamPlay may be more effective and successful. Provides a new and appealing social network that is meant for productive, learning purposes.

Future Implications:

Future Implications Hopefully, this online database will become well known and more popular not only for mentoring and social purposes, but also for more school and educational purposes.


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