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Kaizen Carpets “How much does it cost to have my carpets cleaned?” By Kyle Kaizen

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Kaizen Carpets Minimum Charges will apply Varies Number of Rooms/Stains Area m² Some charge extra for deodorising Ask for an estimate/quote Upholstery by seat “How much will it cost me?”

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Kaizen Carpets Heavy Soilage Generator usage (without power) Cost Variables:

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Kaizen Carpets Shop Around Go Local – specialist Non-franchised businesses Experienced operators Ask for an estimate upfront My top 5 recommendations:

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Please, Post Comments I will make more videos based on what YOU want If I don’t know…I WILL find out for you – my promise! ‘HAD A SPILL?’ Series Coming Soon – Subscribe NOW ‘Kaizen Carpets’ Facebook group for my loyal listeners ONLY Kaizen Carpets “What else would you like to know..?”

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