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When it comes to machining and reconditioning, KVK Engine is considered one of the best establishments in Sydney.


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QualiEngine Reconditioning and Rebuild Services Sydney Quality Engine Reconditioning Sydney When it comes to machining and reconditioning KVK Engine is considered one of the best establishments in Sydney. KVK Engines offers top-notch services for gas- petrol- and diesel- powered engines as well as complete engine reconditioning modifications machining and building services. All reconditioned engines are completely stripped down and acid bathed all seals and gaskets are replaced all parts are checked for wear and replaced. Cylinders are re-bored crank shafts re-ground con rods resized and cylinder heads reconditioned. At KVK engine reconditioning we recondition all types of engines from your local made Holde’s Fords Toyota ad Mitsubishi to the iported Japaese ad Europea egies Nisson Honda Porsche Ferrari and your big block American engines. No matter what types of engine we work on we take pride in our work and value our reputation. Three decades of quality Do you require expert advice and custom camshaft engineering Our masters date back to 1970 and can provide you with custom cam grinds to suit various engine applications that are geared towards your exact specification and application. At KVK Engines we offer a complete engine reconditioning and modification service for any diesel gas or petrol powered engine. We offer services incuding:  Cylinder Head Machining  Head Porting Polishing  Line Boring  Line Honing  Boring Honing  Torque Plate Honing  Camshaft Grinding  Crankshaft Grinding  Engine Balancing  Acid Bathing  Mig Tig Welding

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 Glesson Crank Welding  O Rigig  4 Bolt Cap Conversions  Rod Resizing Little End Pin Boring  Shim Grinding  Manifold Facing We can also perform any sort of engine machining you can dream up. At KVK Engine we have the years of experience and expertise to deal with your specific requirements. We also offer engine testing and fault diagnosis services on diesel and petrol engines including:  Oil pressure checks  Compression checks  Cylinder head leakage testing  Vacuum checks  Blow by testing  Engine Knock testing  Bore-O-Scope inspection  Crack testing On top of all these services we also offer:  Engine kits and parts supply  Engine building services And of course we are always able to give you free advice on your next project no matter how big or small. It all adds up to make KVK Engine among the best machining and reconditioning establishments in Australia. Contact Us: 54-56 Whitaker St Yennora NSW 2161 Call 02 9632 1688 | Fax: 02 9632 1394

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Email: kvk.enginesbigpond.com.au http://www.kvkengine.com.au

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