Presentation- 5 Tips For Freediving Beginners

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Kurt Kucera shares a presentation discussing 5 tips every beginner freediver should know.


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5 Tips For Freediving Beginners

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Freediving is an adventurous yet challenging way to spend your free time. Hence why it is important to know as many tips and tricks as possible when you’re just getting started.

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Here are some tips for beginner freedivers.

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As a beginner freediver you probably already have scuba fins or short fins. You might also want to invest in a low volume mask.

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Low volume mask vs Scuba mask: The difference between a low volume mask and a scuba mask is that is bigger therefore is makes it hard to equalize while diving. A low volume mask is not only more flexible and and comfortable but it also makes it easier to dive deeper.

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Once you’re past the beginning stages other freediving equipment you may want to invest in will include:

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Two-piece wetsuit Long blade fins Rubber weight belt Dive computer

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Always Dive with a Buddy

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This is probably the most important tip to remember. Having a buddy allows you both to watch out for each other. One should always partake in water sports in a group or with at least one other person.

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Take a course

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The PADI Freediver course is a great way to help beginners understand what they are doing and exactly what their body is capable of.

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