Down Syndrome Treatment

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Down Syndrome Treatment

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What is Down Syndrome Treatment Down syndrome sometimes called Down’s syndrome it is a condition in which a child is born with an additional copy of its 21st chromosome its second name is Trisomy 21. In other words Trisomy 21 and Down Syndrome Treatment refer to the same disorder.

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Therapies For Down Syndrome Treatment Since every Down Syndrome Child is different in terms of severity of symptoms the techniques used for down syndrome therapy are different for each child. Most children with down syndrome have hypotonia low muscle tone which may slow their physical growth and if the down syndrome treatment is not done then later in life causes problems like bad posture.

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Down Syndrome Efects Down Syndrome can have many effects it is very different for each person and needs a different type of down syndrome treatment. Some will grow themselves to live completely independently while others will need more help in caring for themselves. People with Down syndrome symptoms have some physical characteristics in common.

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“ Causes Of Down Syndrome In all cases of reproduction both parents pass their gene to their children. These genes are taken in the chromosomes. When the cells of the child develop then each cell receives 23 pairs of chromosomes for the total of 46 cells. Half chromosomes are from the mother and half are from the father.

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◈ Trisomy 21: Trisomy 21 means that each cell has an additional copy of chromosome 21. This is most common form of Down syndrome. ◈ Mosaicism: Mosaicism occurs when a child is born with some extra chromosomes but not all of them are in the cells. People with mosaic down syndrome have fewer symptoms than trisomy 21. ◈ Translocation: In this type of down syndrome children have only one extra part of chromosome 21. There are 46 total chromosomes. However one of them is an extra piece of chromosome 21 attached. Types Of Down Syndrome

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Down Syndrome Symptoms ◈ Flat face features ◈ Small head and ears ◈ short neck ◈ Groaning the tongue ◈ Eyes that bend upwards ◈ Oddly shaped ears ◈ Bad muscle tone

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There are general health problems that can affect any organ system or physical function. Health Issues Of Children With Down Syndrome ● Respiration – system problems ● Hearing difficulties ● Alzheimer’s disease ● Childhood leukemia ● Epilepsy Thyroid status

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