How do I Disable the Avast from Outlook?


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This presentation represents the way to disable the Avast from outlook. If you are facing any issues regarding this presentation, just give a call to Avast Support Canada Number: +1-778-381-5820. For more, info visit our website:-


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Avast Antivirus Support Canada I am Kristy Dion I am giving this presentation about- How do I Disable the Avast from Outlook? Hello!

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Antivirus is a shield between your device’s data and virus, it protects your system from all malware activities in the internet which further damages your system and removes all important documents or important information from your system like your bank details and other credentials. This software has a best quality that it constantly scans your device and its data. Otherwise, the malware makes your device very slow to use. Avast antivirus is one of the best software to fight against viruses. Today almost every third person is using net banking in their system, for that they upload their credentials on the bank’s website or in some folder in their device; so to secure the important information, you need software that can save your documents from hackers.

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Avast comes in lot of forms and you can enable it in every application you are using in your system and disable as well. Every application has pros and cons, so according to your preference you have to select the sides. Today we will guide you how you can disable the Avast from Outlook. Open the outlook application, There you find a file tab, click on it. Look for an option tab there and you would encounter to a control and manipulate panel where all the additional extension added. Click on the Add-ins button on your left site of the desktop. Tap on the “ Avas plug-in” in the listed addition and follow the go button on the bottom of your web window. Then search for COM add-ins, click on the plug in here and select the remove button to disable the application, after that press ok to conform. Now restart the outlook application to see the changes.

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As you see this whole process would not take more time, it is very simple. You can find more ways by contacting to the Avast Support Canada Number: 1-778-381-5820 team. For more blogs like this you need to follow us and keep reading our technical solutions to overcome from your daily tech issues.

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