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1. HEALTH BENEFITS Smoking lowers the formation of HDL good cholesterol thus increasing fat buildup and clogging arteries. According to the CDC Centres for Disease Control and Prevention chronic bronchitis and asthma can also be checked by choosing vape over cigarettes. 2. COST EFFECTIVE Although the cost of a pack or two of cigarettes would not be much once addicted the cumulative cost of cigarettes could well be around 5000 a year. Comparatively a vaper starter kit could cost around 50 and the annual cost of e-cigs would be about 800 which is 84 less. 03 3. WEIGHT MAINTENANCE Vaping is the best answer for those conscious about gaining unwanted weight after quitting. Safe nicotine levels without tobacco make vaping a better choice. 4. HELPS TO QUIT Vaping can be the first step for those who have been trying to quit all forms of nicotine. Because of lesser amounts of nicotine it is not as addictive and users do not have withdrawal symptoms. 05 5. BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT Another major benefit of vaping is it eliminates passive smoking- inhalation of tobacco fumes by a non-smoker. Vaping also does not release carbon monoxide and leave piles of ash behind making it a smarter choice. But which product can be the best for vaping Here people often say Stig Pods are the best. Reasons to say Stig Pods best are- Its miniature and disposable Recharging and refilling are not required low wattage battery that is fully charged low nicotine percentage but gives satisfying vapor. https://www.vapors.com/ QUIT SMOKING AND CHOOSE VAPE Email: salesvapors.com Phone: 844-543-2323 Henderson NV 89014

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