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Read the best thriller novels of 2016.Kris Allis has written a great thriller novels which is great for adults too.A best thriller novel is hard to put down.


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Best Thriller Novels Heed the Mandate:

Most writers will say they write a novel by asking themselves “What if…?” They see an incident and they wonder what would happen if something else occurs . The something else is, of course the ‘What if?” The story comes when the question is answered. Contd.. Best Thriller Novels Heed the Mandate


In other words, the answer is the story. Generally we all know that a ‘what if’ question in conversation can usually be answered in three sentences or less. But the truth is that three sentences don’t make a novel. Novels have chapters, and page after page. And here is where the mandate comes into play . Before I knew it I had a cast of characters telling this impossible story through their words and actions. They made it believable. I wrote so that my readers would continue to turn the page. I had to heed the mandate. Best thrill novel Contd..

All The Best Thriller Novels Heed The Mandate.:

The mandate states that the reader has to have a reason to keep reading. In my first novel “ A False Start,” I asked myself the question “What if someone survived 9/11 and didn’t tell their loves ones?” The next question was “Why would someone do that?” And my story was born. I not only had to answer why, I also had to answer who and how? All The Best Thriller Novels Heed The Mandate.

Answer Of The Question What If?:

In her first novel “ Where Are the Children?” Mary Higgins Clark answered the question “What if a mother lost her children twice?” She proceeded to create characters and circumstances to answer that impossible question. And boy did she have her work cut out! But she did it. And as a reader, I kept turning the pages. She heeded the mandate. Authors of the best thriller novels treat the mandate like a commandment: “Thou shalt write a thriller in a manner that ensures the reader will keep reading.” Answer Of The Question What If?

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About The Author My affection for books started at an early age. My mom read so anyone might hear to me and she transformed her voice for every character trying to enliven their sentiments and states of mind. This breathed life into the stories for me and I willingly anticipated 'Perusing Time.' .... Go there Website to know more About Kris Allis here: Kris Allis(Author) ( Best thriller novels )

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