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Andrew Goodwin Andrew Goodwin was born in Hillingdon, Middlesex. For 31 years he was a director of music & an organist at Bangor Cathedral His Theory states that there are 5 key points to any music video: 1-Thought beats (seeing the sound) 2-Narrative Performance 3-Star Image! 4-Relation of visuals 5-Technical aspects of the video

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Thought Beats Seeing the sound There are 3 steps to this; First Second and Third. The first step is to look into the music video and understand the structure of the song, for example the chorus, verse, hook, ect. The second step is listening to the voice of the song, the artists voice can be very unique which can form an identification which allows the audience to easy recognise similar songs/ themes surrounding the artist. Finally, the third step can see the song being seen as a ‘story’, making the artist known as a ‘storyteller’. This is a two way process with the artist telling the story, and us empathising by listening.

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Narrative performance Goodwin states that Songs fail to give us the full narrative. audiences tend to make up their own idea of the ‘story’ being sent from a song. This can be from a basic understanding of what it is actually about. A music video made by an artist needs to fit with his/her character, and be consistent with the themes they are portraying. This allows the watcher to visualise and bring together their own interpretation of the music video. This “ambiguity” of themes also prevents watchers from getting bored, as each time you watch the video, a new idea may pop up. It is important that the audiences believe the lip syncing by the artists, as Goodwin believes that miming is the most popular thing to be done in music videos. This is to effectively make the audience believe the video is real, providing a better immersive experience for them.

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Star Image The star image in a music video becomes very important in the production process of videos as it develops overtime; it is a vital aspect. In addition, artists want to be unique as this can help them stay current & be remembered clearly by audiences Stars like and lady gaga are remembered for their imaginative and creative music videos. Other stars are remembered for their voice and their singing, eg Alex Clare and Justin Bieber both have very unique voices that can be identified very easily.

Relation To Visuals:

Relation To Visuals There are three ways in which music video work to promote a song: 1) Illustrate -> music videos can use video/images to illustrate the meaning of the song. The meaning of the video will be identical to the meaning of the lyrics. This is the most common way to relate visuals to the music. 2) Amplify -> The video has a recurring theme/motif that relates to the song. The narrative of the video doesn’t have to match the song exactly in this case, but a metaphor is usually used and repeated during the video the create a link. 3) Disjuncture -> The Meaning of the lyrics have no relation to the video. This is normally used in artistic videos, mainly house, techno, electro, ect, where the music video is normally of a party/club.

Technical Aspects Of The Music Video:

Technical Aspects Of The Music Video Goodwin states that the technical aspects of the video “hold it together” things like shot speed and camera movement are examples of technical aspects Lighting and colour are important because they help create the atmosphere and mood of the video. The colour and lighting help the audience know what to feel during the video so that they are feeling what the director of the video had intended the video to make them feel Mise-En-Scene is arguably the most important aspect to sell the realism of a video. Goodwin has said that the music video must feel real to the audience so that they build a stronger ‘relation’ to the characters being portrayed by the actors on screen. Without a good wardrobe and impressive set design, this would not be possible. The final aspects in a music video are the beats. The beats set the pace and timing of the song, they also need to be shown through visuals. The video should cut in time to the song, so that a link is automatically craeted in the mind of the viewr between the music and the video. This also helps build a stronger bond between video/music and the viewer, causing the viewer to enjoy the song more as they feel that it has a ‘sentimental’ meaning that they have created.

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