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Kraig envisions genetically engineered spider silk, with its superior mechanical characteristics, will surpass the current generation of high-performance fiber. We believe that spider silk is in some ways so superior to the materials currently available in the marketplace, that an expansion of demand and market opportunities will follow spider silk’s commercial introduction. For example, the ability of natural spider silk to absorb in excess of 100,000 joules of kinetic energy makes it a potentially ideal material for structural blast protection. The table below illustrates spider silk’s incredible toughness and strength to weight ratios.


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Spider Silk

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Spider silk is tougher than steel. Since natural resources are considered superior and we all believe that. Humans have tried to beat nature but it has always been beaten them in this competition.

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Comparing the tensile strength of steel and spider silk is not equivalent. Since the comparison of both these materials and the stress they bare before breaking is still controversial. The spider silk value of tensile strength is just above 1 Gpa a unit of measuring force per unit area. That relates to a mid-range value for steel where strengths range from 0.2 Gpa to nearly 2 Gpa. Further if we talk more about the tensile strength it is only one critical property.

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As we all are familiar with the traits of spider silk. Spider silk is a protein and proteins are created inside the living cells. This process starts with a spiders body temperature unlike the manufacturing of steel which takes place in a furnace.  The magic of spider silk has everything to do with the transmission of information through DNA. Researching about the natural materials that spider silk contains are claimed to be “eco-friendly”. The reason being spider silk use less energy and abundant elements making the processing superior to most engineering materials.

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Spider silk is stronger than steel on a per weight basis and environmentally friendly. Thes nature-based processes have created a dramatic story about why the mimicry of natural materials is a quickly growing area of materials science and engineering. Humans are yet not able to fully assume how spider silk is formed and are constantly investigating it. There was a trial made at commercialization through “spider goats”. In this experiment a genetically modified goat produced milk carrying an extra protein that could be extracted and spun into spider silk thread.

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